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When last we heard from "Lindsey," she had found that anti-depressants stopped her OBEs and sleep paralysis. Or had they? Because now it seems as though something is pushing through her to be here. Or someone.

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  1. As I am listening to Lindsey,
    As I am listening to Lindsey, her story triggered a memory of something very similar. Starting with the fractals, the hypnogogic state and then it is like i go into a “dark” realm with shadow beings and bugs. I perceive it to be a lower level.of the Astral realm. Several times I would get stuck there out of fear and wake myself up and then I found a way to move myself out of that realm and end up somewhere else that I called Kundalini Land or Electric Land.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I just read Whitley’s latest
      I just read Whitley’s latest OBE account talking about seeing bugs, too. I wonder if this is why so many people who take LSD feel like they’re crawling with bugs.


  2. Jeremy, I will not post hear
    Jeremy, I will not post hear what I would really like to say. But unless you have a Doctorate in Phycology or Psychiatry you were way out of your league. Not once did I hear you suggest that Lindsey may want to consider talking to hear Physiatrist about going off of antidepressants. or working with a psychologist that has experience in these area’s including the paranormal. These very same medications can create psychosis if the individual is not suffering from depression, or has been on them and has recovered enough to go off of them. Unless you have the above degrees, clinical experience and an open mind working in those fields you are out of your league as many professionals are and could have done that young lady more harm than good. And yes I am an experiencer, I hade my first OBE at18 months of age and I will be 70 next month. Not to mention the whole gamut of this phenomenon. And I have also gone through the depression side and am very familiar with the antidepressant medications, there benefits and dangers first hand. Not impressed with this show at all just one more reason why my subscription will expire in October and will not be renewed.

  3. You are correct, I am not a
    You are correct, I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, so it would be out of my league to suggest she go off antidepressants or seek new counsel. Lindsey is an intelligent adult. I believe she said she’s been in some form of therapy since high school. I am certain these issues have crossed her mind and my questioning her therapy or therapist would not come as a eureka moment for her.


  4. Well put, Jeremy.
    Well put, Jeremy.

  5. I have thought for a long
    I have thought for a long time that schizophrenics have brain chemistry that removes all the filters between realities or dimensions, as a result of some sort of split in their souls that needs to be healed (See my comments under this week’s ‘Dreamland’, ‘How to Search Beyond the Veil’.) Some of us are deeply embedded in this world, some of us walk between worlds, then there are those like Lindsey who are embedded in possibly multiple worlds or dimensions all at the same time. Hers is a very difficult life!

  6. All but a handful of pharma’s
    All but a handful of pharma’s chemicals are dangerous and not useful. Certainly among the poisonous are the diabolical (M.D.s) pushers’ favorite: “anti-depressants”. Oh, and Lee, don’t let the door hit you on your arse on the way out! And while you are at it feel free to take a flying leap at a doughnut hole!

  7. Lindsay, thank you for
    Lindsay, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I am sure you are not alone in many ways… aspects of what you experience other people have as well. The specific combinations, frequency, and depth may vary such that others are not as “affected” by them and just take them as part of falling asleep. I have thought that people that are “different” / have “mental functions” outside of “norm”/ – may simply be more aware, remember better, are more sensitive, etc. to things all of us do/have. Which is my way of saying what i think Cosmic was referring to.

    Maybe the process of falling asleep is a combination of doors opening and closing… and whether these “doors” are fully open, ajar, or closed. Perhaps we are “in” all these levels all the time and “whatever it is” keeps attention more “here” than “there” while we are awake. Perhaps there is more than 1 “there” or “here.” SO many possibilities to think of…

    Every person has difficulties, which vary in type and effect… which means we are all here learning.

  8. I was on antidepressants for
    I was on antidepressants for many years. I lost my health insurance and had to search for an alternate means of healthcare for my family. I came across an article on homeopathy, which I had never heard of before. Since there were no side effects, I decided to try it. It cured my depression as well as my son’s and even cured his adhd. I have never needed antidepressants again and it’s been over 10 years. I thought it would be appropriate to mention this here, especially since it’s an “energetic” form of medicine. Of course, it is maligned by the medical community much like the topics of this website are maligned by the majority of the people in this country. I, personally, feel that modern pharmaceuticals are more detrimental than they are helpful with the list of side effects causing more serious harm than the symptom they’re trying to suppress.

  9. Jeremy–should I stop taking
    Jeremy–should I stop taking my meds?
    (That’s a joke BTW). I’m amazed at how your guests so often reflect my own story. When your guest started talking about ‘seeing things behind her eyes’, I knew exactly what she was talking about. Being very familiar with these visions I can tell you they are fascinating.

    When you close your eyes just keep looking into the dark. Soon you will see dim yellow shapes moving around. Many people will, after a few moments, begin to see recognizable forms drift in a out.

    What is actually happening, is you are going into a light trance. A lot of times I fall asleep at this point (especially if I’m tired). This is not Astral Travel, or contact with other entities, but rather, you are beginning to be a witness to your own unconscious mind. You’d be surprised at what wells up from there.

    Back to the point, ever since I started antidepressants I can no longer explore that realm. Now when I close my eyes, I just see black.

  10. Having difficulty with this
    Having difficulty with this download. It ONLY downloads (for MP3 playing) in the 36 minute version (for non-subscribers). Can you fix this please? I’m a subscriber and would love to hear the rest of this but I’m not able to. Thanks!

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