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In the third and final interview with "Brian," we pick it up where last we left off: with his father, who worked in the aerospace industry, telling him he worked with aliens and alien technology. If Brian is telling the truth and his father was telling the truth… might it still be a lie? It might. And that’s only the jumping off point for this episode. Get ready for grays, mantis beings, UFOs, and the type of deep questioning such topics demand.

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  1. Brian, it has been
    Brian, it has been interesting listening to your story. Thank you for sharing it.
    I am sure i could not have handled it nearly as well as you if it had happened to me. Especially the repetition!

    It has been quite a journey for you. I am struck because you have spoken about “it is almost time…. something is going to happen.” This has been a recurrent theme i’ve seen. SO…is it possible you are supposed to be “telling this so that the populace “knows” and prepares for whatever is coming? Seems so many saying this, may mean that the effort is to get the story/ies to “blanket the earth.”

    I have found that many people respond to experiences shared with them, with something like “i know you believe it.” Such a response by one or two people who are trusted, is enough to internalize “do not share this…because no one will believe it, many will laugh” …and/or other negative ways to respond.

    That is one reason i think your (Jeremy) and Whitley’s work, as well as so many others – is so important. Thank you for doing what you do, Jeremy and Whitley. It really, deeply matters in so many ways. And so does the support of the many who are part of this community. They bring so much to this table as well.

  2. It was my pleasure to share
    It was my pleasure to share my experience with Jeremy, Whitley, and all of the wonderful people on unknowncountry. I think Jeremy wisely took a slightly different direction with this show, because it might have pushed some folks too far. My UFO sightings have been the most amazing experiences of my life, and I wish that everyone could have it happen to them. It is much easier to deal with than direct interaction, though not as interesting or maybe important. What strikes me most about these encounters with flying objects is that I’ve learned that you can get a sense of whether it’s ours or theirs. There is a sense of awe and good will when it is the visitors, and often telepathic impressions, if not actual words that I hear. When it is us, it feels no different than seeing an airplane….an impressive one, but still not the same feeling. I’ve read and believe that if you feel any negativity from a UFO, get as far away as quickly as you can, safely.

    I hesitated to say that I feel like something will happen soon, because we’ve heard this many times…2000, 2012 et al, yet nothing seems to happen. However, I think what’s happening is our becoming mature enough to accept that there are ETs visiting us, while still asking bigger questions about the whole situation, and being cautious about what “information” we accept or believe ourselves. It’s all part of a journey all right. Just not sure where it all leads. I must say that the feeling I get is that what’s coming will not be truly scary or bad, just shocking….to some… but generally good.

    I too thank both Jeremy and Whitley for their hard work and dedication to helping us come together, share what we see, learn, feel, and think, and for the support they offer in their own ways. This is one deep, twisted rabbit hole we’ve gone down, whether by choice or not. The best way to make the most use of it is to share and discuss all of the high strangeness life gives us.

    May we all gain clarity, strength, and comfort from being brave enough to share what we experience. As you said, dreamer, those of us who dare to share experience laughter and ridicule, but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was 20, 30, or 40 years ago. We have come a long way as a society and it gives me great hope that our visitors have taken note, and will be engaging us more, soon.

    I would also like to thank all those who have interacted in the comments during the 3 episodes I have been involved with. You have all been insightful, thoughtful, and caring, regardless of how you may feel about my experiences. That is really special and something I will always remember fondly. Feel free to share more comments, and I’ll continue to answer questions, discuss the possibilities, and hopefully we’ll all learn something as we go. If anyone would like to take privately Jeremy has my email address.


  3. Hi Brian, Thanks for coming
    Hi Brian, Thanks for coming on the show.

    I’ve found dealing with the visitors very hard. Not because i think they are bad, or good. I care not what world or place they are from. But the thing that has made it difficult for me is, after many years you learn that the very intelligent beings you think they are, you see contradictions in their actions. I just cant fathom how a people who can sometimes lecture us have these contradictions. To me its very suspect. What i’m actually dealing with ? Who I’m dealing with ? Maybe this is a clever security ploy, maybe its to keep the rulers of this world to keep guessing.

    Can i trust my perceptions around them ? Knowing first hand my perceptions can be manipulated I’d have to say NO.

  4. Hi Brian, Jeremy, and
    Hi Brian, Jeremy, and Everyone,
    I feel I should elaborate on the reasons I erased my comment regarding Brian’s last show. Mostly, I just didn’t like how it sounded after re-reading what I posted, (I hoped no one had seen it yet). I admire Brian for his courage in telling his story (and I believe him 110%) and am very grateful for his insights into the complexity of the subject. Thank You, Brian.

    If someone or something is advanced enough that they can interface DIRECTLY with people’s MINDS we cannot be certain what we are dealing with. I remember the show a few weeks ago Jeremy, with your neighbor. He was at the beach and had a highly strange observation of a billboard shaped UFO. However, neither he or his dog reacted in any way. It wasn’t until he returned a second time and saw the exact same thing happen again that he seemed suddenly to remember both events. Had the first one really happened and his memory been blocked or possibly the second event was the only actual one and was planted in his mind twice?

    Did Bob Salas in his missile silo in 1968 really see all the missiles go off-line? Do I think Bob is a liar? Of course not, but what if someone’s technology could actually make him BELIEVE the missiles went down? I think they could do exactly that. It sure would be easier than disabling 10 Minuteman ICBMs. Did Brian’s father actually work along side aliens? I don’t discount the possibility, but the memory could’ve been implanted. Or maybe Brian’s memory of the conversation with his father implanted at some point?

    I wonder about how so many people say after seeing a UFO that they were the only ones around? Who could do a manipulation like that? The couple, a few years ago who were assaulted by beings in their camper in the desert , had previously tried to stay at a local campground that normally should have been nearly empty. It was packed! So they decided to camp way out in the desert and the result was an incredible Close Encounter. Did the aliens have the ability to make a hundred people suddenly decide to go camping that weekend? Or would it be easier to make the couple somehow ‘see and know’ in their minds that the campground was full and they would have to continue driving on to the ‘appointed’ place.

    ‘Missing Time’ might be an example when the aliens make a mistake and their memory overlay doesn’t work right. The experiencer just has a mental gap instead of a screen memory. Maybe as Brian said, Everybody has been abducted and most never have a clue about it at all!

    After I had posted my original message I think my last line sums up my feelings best,
    ‘ …We are simply outclassed by them.’

  5. Many thanks, Brian and
    Many thanks, Brian and Jeremy! Though my mind is boggled by Mantis beings — would there be some genetic relationship between them and our Mantis insects? — I found Brian’s experiences to be quite believable and utterly fascinating.

    You brought up the connection of UFOs, ETs, and ghosts. Could it simply be a matter of deeper perception? That some people are able to see realities of a different wavelength or vibration than the typical spectrum most of us perceive of physical life? And it just so happens that UFOs and ghosts both happen to occupy extreme ends of the spectrum, without necessarily being the same phenomenon?
    However, Anne Strieber did think there was some kind of connection between ETs and our souls, so I honor that viewpoint.

  6. Much like Brian, my
    Much like Brian, my experiences have been all over the place (the dead, UFOs, precognition, etc.) About 30 years ago I began to realize that all of these things are connected. I am not entirely sure HOW they are connected, but I feel strongly that they are. I have never, however, encountered a mantis-type being, other than the garden-variety insect, but I have always been fascinated by them. I like to hold them on my finger and watch them closely. They are conscious, and react when you speak to them, and even turn their heads as if they are really paying attention to you (Crazy lady alert!) They do not appear to display fear when being held by a giant, other-worldly, looking creature (that would be me). But then I love them, and on some level I think that they feel that…

    Thanks to Brian and Jeremy!

    One more thing: If you have not seen ‘Midnight Special’, I highly recommend this neglected, but wonderful little sci-fi movie. I think it will resonate with many of you here at ‘The Experience.’ Don’t think you know what this movie is about if you haven’t seen it. It’s full of unexpected surprises…

    1. Thanks Cosmic, I have
      Thanks Cosmic, I have requested ‘Midnight Special’ from my local library and am looking forward to watching it.

  7. I wish on the iPad and the
    I wish on the iPad and the iPhone that was a way to search the archives but it will not let me go to the full site and there were no other search boxes available very frustrating I’m trying to get the full subscriber multipeg threes down into my MP3 program on my phone so I can listen while traveling. Very frustrated

  8. These episodes with Brian
    These episodes with Brian have been the altogether most fascinating of any I have heard on The Experience. I resonated with many things he said (have had the childhood experience of being ‘gone’, waking up with twigs and leaves on me, seeing the Mantis, having a gray’s face inches from mine, etc). I hope we will hear more from him in the future as I have a feeling his experiences are going to continue.

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