Preston Dennett returns with stories of crashing into UFOs–not just in planes, but in cars, levitation (including his own), out of body experiences…and that’s just scratching the surface of this amazing high adventure of a show! We live in a mysterious and wonderful world, so get set to be levitatedread more

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Wesley Meeks, a retired cop from Texas who kept a secret from his fellow officers for decades. He has the ability to travel out of his body, and his journeys have taken him literally out of this world and into other dimensionsread more

Last September 15, I published a journal entry about an OBE I’d just had. It was remarkable, and now has become even more so. I have them fairly frequently and I can sometimes induce them, but this one stood out for four reasons: first, it was induced from the outside; second, somebody saw me as I left the place I was in; third, I went to a place that I was able to describe in detail, and it turned out that people at the conference I was attending knew the place well; fourth, I have now gone physically to that place, which I had previously visited only OBE and had never seen in the physical before.

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