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Continuing from last week, we continue to explore Brian’s incredibly strange childhood. Then, he tells us a secret his father shared with him about the history of aviation and its advancements. A secret that he had the clearance to know and otherwise would have taken to his grave.

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  1. Wow. This suggests both
    Wow. This suggests both positive, negative, and troubling realities. Technology enhanced by off world species sounds positive, but, a militaristic use of such technologies (instead of feeding and healing human beings!) sounds negative. And the implant idea suggests we are like tagged homing pigeons or wild lions or whales to some ETs — unless the implants are meant to enhance our evolution.

    On another level, I am pinching myself. So it is all real?! May I trust you vett the gentlemen you interview? There is just… so much to think about. Thanks to Jeremy, Brian, and George.

    1. Michael, it is wise to
      Michael, it is wise to consider the truth in all that we know, or think we know about ETs and their craft, let alone the people telling you about them. We must all discern for ourselves by sensing what resonates as true. Yet, I think that we all only get part of the picture, and only as a community can we unravel this mystery. All I can tell you is that I’m being honest about my experiences, and qualifying them as necessary, as we go along. I’m not trying to convince you or anyone else of the reality of my experiences, only trying to deal with them, and find out what it’s all about. I don’t feel that I can do that without being honest about what I’ve seen, heard and experienced. No forth coming book deal, movie, or website. Just one guy sharing the utter strangeness of the experience we call life. Well, my life anyway.

      I’m hoping my coming forward will lead to others doing the same, so that we can all help each other cope with the strangeness, when it happens to you, a friend, or a family member.

      Yes, there is a lot to think about, and it’s been a really crazy journey for me, George, and my friends who’ve shared their experiences with me. I would ask that you try to see the value in eye witness testimony. I think if you met me, you would see that I’m just as normal and run of the mill as anyone you’ve ever met. Don’t stand out in a crowd, not seeking attention, not the life of any parties. This should remind us all that you never know what the person standing next to you has seen, or experienced…unless you act compassionately, and become their friend.

      If you’d seen the things I’ve seen, you would KNOW it is REAL ! I believe on a physical level AND many other levels.


  2. I don’t vet for this show. If
    I don’t vet for this show. If the initial email is rife with red flags I won’t have them on the show, but it’s impossible to vet for experiencers unless they claim something we can examine as evidence. I have received emails from George confirming as much as he can of Brian’s account, but ultimately it’s on the guest to be honest and then for us to make of it what we will. If I were interviewing researchers it would be different. And there would only be about 5 episodes!

    But the question of Brian telling the truth and whether or not his father was are completely different questions. I think that if my father had that talk with me and I suspected him of somehow being involved in my abductions, I might suspect he was the smoking man from The X-Files and not believe him. In fact, perhaps we will have this very discussion on the next episode.


    1. Dad had a harsh side, and I
      Dad had a harsh side, and I steered clear of it by doing as I was told. It was understandable as he had a terrible experience in Korea, was enlisted to help deceive the public and other soldiers, and worked on things he could not talk directly about. This adds up to a guy who spends most of his life repressing things, while trying to remain a normal guy to the family, friends, and coworkers. In some ways Cliff Stone reminds me very much of my father, only he has been brave enough to come clean about everything he was involved with, which my father refused to do.

      In my preteen an teen years I was one of very few people my father was close enough to that he could share some deep feelings with me. It’s hard to convey the level of trust I had with my father. He was a straight shooter. No way was he intentionally lying to me! Dad made sure that the few times he would discuss ultra high tech with me was when we were alone, and even then he admitted that his bosses might be listening – simply because he was aware of a certain level of surveillance capability that North American and Rockwell had, even in the ’60s. Only in the last 10 r 15 years have I seen documentaries or other TV shows that talk about the type of tech Dad talked about, such as satellites with amazing observation abilities, and planes that could overfly an area at the speed of sound (or close to it) and take such high resolution photos that a newspaper could be read on the ground. For all intents and purposes this was gray world stuff….not on the open like a white program, but not completely denied like a black project.

      To be clear, it’s more that I think the company my Dad worked for that was somehow involved in my experiences. He and the company seemed to believe that the military were a bunch of bumbling bofoons for the most part, in that they always wanted to steer projects in the most inefficient direction possible. So, my sense is that the company was working several levels of technology down, when doing military contracts. Which just makes you wonder, what they were working on that the military should have been asking for?

      Anyway, again, I’m being honest and believe that my Dad was too. Believe whatever you want, it doesn’t harm me in any way. I’m just sharing my experiences as they happened. Take from it what you will, and bless you for listening.


  3. Jeremy, Brian and George. A
    Jeremy, Brian and George. A few things I would like to post. First you mentioned MOTHMAN in West Virginia.

    THEN went on to talk about THE BUTTERFLY PEOPLE in Joplin, Missouri.

    When Brian mentioned Joplin, Missouri it felt synchronistic to what I was experiencing on Wednesday morning??? For some reason I was consumed with the idea of a doomsday shelter. I went searching on the internet and found this. It was such an ominous feeling.

    Underground doomsday shelter to open near Atchison, Kansas….. (UPDATE)

  4. I wanted to clarify that the
    I wanted to clarify that the connection of the fermions with each other takes place on the quantum level, rather than the classical level. The odd number of quarks, leptons or atoms in a fermion or fermion composite and their spin essentially causes time to tick.

  5. I wanted to share this with
    I wanted to share this with The Experience gang…

    Fermions and Bosons

    Just prior to the inception of the Universe, energy was compacted in a dense singularity. This singularity was constructed of perfect order. All energy in the singularity was interconnected, and in communication with itself. Time was a fixed point, where all events happened simultaneously in the confluence of the singularity, and the singularity was directly connected to the quantum field. When the singularity ruptured, this perfect order was fractured, and energy expanded in all directions. This expansion continued until the energy cooled somewhat and galaxies formed. However, the communication between all energy in the Universe remained active on the quantum level.

    Matter was unbalanced, due to the initial rupture that induced the Big Bang expansion event. Fermions were created due to this principle. In Fermions, the rapidly changing quantum number scheme determined the forward course of time. The Fermions were attuned to and in communication with each other, as before, but the constant generation of unique quantum numbers assured that each fermion was distinct and separated from the others. This operated in accordance with the Pauli exclusion principle. Resistance was the result of the constant churning and generation of opposing quantum numbers, the electron being a primary example. The 1/2 fractional spin of fermions acted as a sharp dualism, partially separating the fermions from their neighbors, like the closing of a door. Even though the fermions were in continual communication with each other in a given moment, they could not meld in the state they were inhabiting, resistance created this phenomenon. Fermion composites of 3/2, 5/2, 7/2 and 9/2 spin (and higher) insured that an odd, asymmetrical amount of quarks, leptons or atoms would be expressed, and this odd number continued to act as a protuberance, manifesting in the spinning of the fermions. These odd numbers and the generation of signature quantum numbers that accompanied them, created resistance, but also entropy. They acted as a dissonance, creating protuberances that the quantum field attempted to cancel out, in a dynamic. The ultimate destiny of this dissonance was the breaking down of matter into its quantum parts, matter was being driven apart by the resistance, which emanated from the production of the unique quantum numbers and their odd asymmetry. Matter would eventually return to the void from which it sprang, due to the gradual prevalence of entropy. Fermions created the notion of time as one of incremental moments, where the present split and continually moved on, in contrast with time as a fixed point where events happened simultaneously. Resistance insured division, separation, and a local loss with the connection to the quantum field. It created physical, classical behavior. Bosons, with their full integer expression, linked with the quantum field directly, and could thus meld together easily, becoming a single, unified entity. Bosons created a smooth symmetry, a direct interconnection with the quantum field, which is the opposite of Fermions. The symmetry confluence that bosons were immersed in is a non-dualistic combination of the opposing forces of Yin and Yang. While Fermions separate the Yin and Yang, remaining dualistic and resistant (for example, like the color white that reflects light), bosons integrate the complementary aspects of Ying and Yang, melding them in a unitive, symmetrical field. Still, if electrons were paired in such a way that they canceled out each other’s odd asymmetry, (as with cooper pairs) the resistance could be eliminated. Also, if atoms were cooled sufficiently, they could become a Bose Einstein condensate. This was due to the influence factor of time as a fixed point; as atoms cool down and become more confined, they exhibit less dissonance and they start to act like bosons. The asymmetry is ironed out by the imposition of time in this manner, the manifestation of the spin changes.

    The concept of duality and non-duality are the guiding principle in fermions and bosons. Fermions remain dualistic, separated, resistant, entropic, dissonant, distinct, surface oriented in terms of time, having a propensity to break apart, expand, and decay into disorder. Bosons are interconnected to the quantum field, acting like a glue to hold matter together at the quantum level. Bosons are non-dualistic, unified, symmetrical, ordered, harmonic, negatropic, resistance free (superconductive), depth oriented in terms of time, and operate due to quantum principles.

    It should be possible to induce a Boson to act as a Fermion, or vice versa, depending on which time format is applied to each (entropic or quantum).

  6. I think you hit an important
    I think you hit an important point when asking about why Whitley Streiber’s book triggers stuff that the others don’t. Before I read Communion I had been reading all the ufo books, starting with Chariots of the Gods, and I remember reading someone’s book that included Travis Walton’s story and Barney and Betty Hill. The one thing I remember most about Communion was that Whitley did say he calls them the visitors, not ‘aliens from outer space’ and that resonated with me, not to mention some of the experiences he described chilled me to the bone because they were so similar to experiences I had.

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