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Have you ever had the pressing sense that you’re an experiencer of Visitor phenomena, but only vague recollections, synchronicities surrounding the topic, and odd recurring dreams? What should you do? Explore it? Ignore it? We will tackle this with "John," a man who has been plagued by this question his entire life.

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  1. When John was talking about
    When John was talking about Stormtroopers, I thought it was interesting but didn’t ring any bells but when he mentioned that he and a friend were watching Communion and his friend said “Hey, they look like Stormtroopers!”, that suddenly reminded me of one of the standout dreams I had in my twenties. Basically, I awoke into a vivid dream where I was in the front room of our house and for some reason I was compelled to get into a sleeping bag (that was in the middle of the room) and go back to sleep. It was daytime outside and as I looked out through the bay window, I saw, very clearly in the sunlight, standing right up to the glass, a tall, very thin ‘alien’, looking right at me. When he realised I had seen him, he slowly and deliberately sunk down, so he was just peeking over the windowsill. I got the impression that he didn’t want to disturb me…I wasn’t scared at all but instead I got a strong feeling of protective love from him…and yes, I definately perceived it to be male. But here’s the thing…he was wearing what I can only describe as a bright white, hard suite…like some kind of protective exoskeleton, that completely covered him from head to toe…very much like a Stormtrooper but with much thinner limbs. I only ever saw him in that one vivid dream.

    I just thought I would recount that before I forgot…now on with listening to the rest…

  2. hey Jeremy & John, (btw,
    hey Jeremy & John, (btw, thanks for being on)
    monsters playing fun games…nice. Seriously, I’d bet that the foam hand is a tracker.
    What would the Storm Troopers want with your folks? Isnt it “one of those things” that happen where visitations are down a family line? …parents to children? What if your mom was an experiencer? Gawd, that sounds like a joke line from a 12 year old.
    Dragonflies (to me) is the bringer of dreams. It sounds like your dreams are carrying alot of weight.
    See John, this WAS the place to chat this subject up. You already know the folks here are more than happy to embrace your truth. They did for me…kinda like therapy.
    As for me, Ive come to the conclusion that we are thrown stones into the pond. I see stuff in fairly simple terms. ive listened to Jeremy and guests go on about “customized” experiences. Many similar, some not.
    MAYBE …. its our job to experience and “tell” of them, as a stone tossed into the pond making ripples in the quiet water.

  3. Good show! Very intelligent
    Good show! Very intelligent conversation. Looking forward to the next show.

  4. Hi John. It was good to hear
    Hi John. It was good to hear you talk about your experiences. It sounds like the dragonfly and the storm troopers could very well have been screen memories. I wonder how many people who have close encounter experiences are like yours, just different enough to know that something strange is going on, but not sure enough to pin it down to something, e.g. abduction.

    Without the big ah ha experience that gives you that beyond a shadow of a doubt knowing something really is happening, I would suggest just living with the experience and see how it plays out. Personally, I think many experiencers are like you, in that strange things happen to them, but at some point it becomes “real.” I wonder how these events in your life have changed, if at all, since you recorded your show. Sometimes when you are pushing the boundaries, it comes.

    Like you, I remember seeing the book Communion when I was young after my mom picked it up at a bookstore. I remember keeping it cover down if I saw the book laying around. Despite having it in the house, I never picked it up and read it. Maybe there was a fear component to it. I had never read it until I finally listened to it when it became available as an audiobook on this site, a few years back.

    I look forward to hearing more of your discussion next week.


  5. Wow! So many things John
    Wow! So many things John spoke of gave me those resonating goosebumps while listening to your show Jeremy. My reoccurring dreams began at age four until my mid twenties when they abruptly stopped. I do not remember a face to this presence in the dream; only the unusually pale long bony fingers and extremely thin torso seated before me in a tall backed chair. I would awaken unable to move or open my eyes with extreme panick and nausea. To this day, if I happen upon trees or bushes at night time with a lot of white flowers, this same feeling engulfs me. I have had numerous UFO sightings since childhood and even created a scrapbook of newspaper clippings on the subject at the age of ten. As in John’s case, the thought of seeking a hypnotherapist is not an option. Thanks for the great interview which helped validate some issues of my uncertainty that these dreams could possibly be a physical reality.

  6. John, Jeremy;
    Great show.

    John, Jeremy;

    Great show. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more.
    Good stuff.


  7. Greetings John,
    Are you

    Greetings John,

    Are you sitting down? If not, you may want to as the event I’m about to relate may be a shock to you as it was to me. Let me take you back to the year 1992. The event occurred at the end of August or early September. The weather was unusually blustery because of the remnants of Hurricane Andrew blowing into the mid New Jersey coast where I lived at the time. It was early evening, but I can’t remember the exact time. I had just had an unusual debate with my father about the existence of UFOs. I say unusual because after all these years I never discussed the subject with him. He took a negative viewpoint toward their existence whereas I felt there could be something to them. After we finished our talk, I took my dog for a walk along the usual route in our neighborhood. This took us past an old horse farm. At this time something unusual caught my eye. I saw a swarm of fireflies hovering around the top of a street lamp that was situated along a fencerow. What first struck me about this was that while being prevalent earlier in the summer, fireflies had all but disappeared by now. Furthermore, I had been walking this area many a summer; and I had never seen fireflies form swarms. What I was witnessing now were the only fireflies in the area and they were in a tight swarm around the middle street lamp of three street lamps that I was facing. Now having had walked this route many times, I paid little attention to the number of street lamps that I passed by; but this evening I made note of where these street lamps were situated. I passed by the middle street lamp looking up into it with these swarming fireflies all around it considering this a little strange but not much more. A short distance away, I turned around to return home. The fireflies were still dancing around the street lamp. As I began to pass by it, something most unusual happened that I am at a total loss to explain. One of the fireflies separated itself from the swarm and began to float to the pavement a short distance in front of me. I saw it land on the pavement, whereupon I proceeded to approach it. When I was directly over it, I bent down to take a closer look to see what had happened to it. I distinctly saw a firefly on the pavement and could easily make out its legs, wings, and thorax. As I reached down to pick it up it changed. In its place was a small leaf smoldering around its edges. I carefully picked this leaf up without burning myself and took it home. I was completely perplexed by this event and the next day had planned on returning to this middle street lamp to see if I could find any other evidence of what had happened. When I arrived at the scene, I was simply amazed; for the place where the night before stood THREE street lamps, now stood TWO street lamps. There was no middle street lamp! The only evidence that I have of this event is the leaf which, to this day, I have in my possession. It appears highly desiccated and has crumpled into a few pieces, but you can still see the burned edges along it. It seems obvious that there is some connection between this event and the discussion I had with my father. But what bothered me was that it almost sounds too cliché to be taken seriously by anybody. That was until I heard your interview. Now I have some corroboration. I have searched for years across the internet for similar experiences with fireflies and have come up empty until today! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. Okay, Vinny, let me
      Okay, Vinny, let me reciprocate on blown minds: The event with the fireflies that I described on the show happened in the first week of July, 1992, in Rockland County, NY… within a few weeks and and maybe a hundred miles of your experience, since WikiPedia tells me that Hurricane Andrew happened in late August of 1992. Fireflies, indeed. I wonder if anyone else out there has come across experiences with fireflies?

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