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In this second conversation with last week’s guest, John, we explore what may be a parallel life he’s also living that feels as if it’s calling him to be that person, on the one hand… but on the other, he knows that if he accepts, he will destroy our universe. Sounds drastic. Sounds narcissistic. Sounds crazy. And he knows all of that. But is it true? What else could be going on here? Finding out is a click away!

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  1. Well, I just posted some
    Well, I just posted some things about messing with timelines and how the Universe can give one a big kick in the pants if we try to alter things, and I got my own kick in the pants and lost the whole thing being posted.

    Jeremy, I told you last year about a dream where I was performing a sacred ceremony, when I was awakened by a sharp slap on my back. When I attempted to go back to sleep and finsh the dream, I was shown a group of people sitting around a table. The man leading the group just said, “We had to shut her down. She was trying to change the past”, and I woke up again, and unable to get back to sleep for the rest of the night!

    There was more that I posted the first time regarding parallel lives, but I’ll just let it go…for now.

  2. I have to confess the need to
    I have to confess the need to look up the word ‘solipsistic’…good word…but if solipsism holds true, and there is only my mind here, then I must already know that word…er, so…a solipsistical paradox then?

    That was an interesting story regarding the telephone number…but did you notice how eager Jeremy was to break the Universe and give it a ring?
    There’s just no fathoming some people’s recklessness ; -)

    Seriously though, the last couple of episode…show…things…have been fascinating and well worth the subscription.

    John, on the subject of meditation, you mentioned the frustration of your busy mind…I’m sure you already know this but here it is anyway…I always used to think that meditation was about quietening the mind and without that, you just weren’t where you were supposed to be…but the more I hear these days, I’m sure that is not really true. What I hear more often now, is that meditation is more about focus of attention…despite the mind chatter…and the key point of this is realising when you have become distracted, its almost like a gift…like you have just woken up from a dream and have been given the chance to re-focus on what is important (i.e. whatever it is you have decided to focus on)…so you re-focus..and enivitably the mind will conjour up ever more inventive ways of distracting you from your intended focus, like it is vying for energy in the form of your distracted thoughts…but don’t get frustrated at this, just recognise that this is the nature of the mind, like a hungry animal that wants to be fed…so the meditation then becomes recognising you have become distracted, then gently coming back to the subject of focus and repeat and repeat… and repeat. Over time you might find that the mind distracts you less…you might not…it doesn’t matter…it’s the continual waking up that counts…and before you know it, you might find yourself waking up in the rest of your life too…and maybe even your dreams. Anyway, like I said, I’m sure you know all that, and I could have it completely wrong but it just helps me to get it down in writing sometimes. These really were great interviews, especially this one…thankyou.

    Just thinking about meditation and distracting thoughts again, the above method of recognising distraction and refocusing on the breath, or body sensation, or whatever, is the mindfulness approach, where you almost treat thoughts as small clouds in an otherwise blue sky…where you just watch them come and go, without engaging them. Actually you try and observe everything from the senses, including thinking…then thinking just becomes one of the many things you are experiencing and stops being a source of frustration…it just ‘is’.

    Another approach, which can be quite helpful in focusing in on the blue sky moments, in between thoughts, or the point of waking up to one’s quiet, observing self is mantra meditation, or Japa. Wayne Dyer wrote a great little book called “Getting in the Gap”, where he uses the gaps between the first few words of The Lord’s Prayer, to focus in on these quiet moments. There is a guided meditation using this technique described in the book and available on the attached CD, which you can also find on YouTube. Of course, you don’t have to use those specific words…they can be any mantra you like…here is the link…

    You can cultivate these short moments of silence and even increase their length with practice but the mind will always want to chip in at some point but at least you are experiencing at least some silence and being completely awake and aware when it is there.

  3. Jeremy,
    Another FANTASTIC


    Another FANTASTIC interview. I love how you don’t try to assume what it all means, or what a person’s experiences are all about. Instead you listen, and often invoke further thought with well-asked questions.

    You might want to see if you can get Tom Campbell as a guest. His theory, and if you believe him, his experience of other realities might sound familiar to your guest and his other life where he dreams about doing laundry for 2 hours 🙂

  4. Probably the most mind
    Probably the most mind boggling thing I’ve ever read on parallel lives is the book “Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon” by Machaelle Small Wright. In it, she describes daily meetings with Eisenhower (yep, the president) in a different dimension. Very detailed and interesting. Some of the claims she makes in the book require a tremendous suspension of belief…these days I just think “who knows?” She would make for a truly fascinating interview if she’d agree to it.

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