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Last week, Whitley Strieber and Jeremy Vaeni were among 4 experiencers who participated in a week-long conference at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, who fielded questions from scholars in fields ranging from anthropology and religious history to psychology. It was a fascinating event in its own right, made more so by what by all accounts appeared to be playful communications from Anne Strieber. What was all of this about? Finding out is a mere click away. Do not miss this episode!

And do not miss Anne & Whitley’s The Afterlife Revolution, a work of true love between husband and wife; a book written between worlds.

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  1. Whitley, the last experience
    Whitley, the last experience you are talking about regarding the glimpse of an entity with the dark hollow eyes. Just curious as to the night it occurred?

  2. Sorry Jeremy, I didn’t hear a
    Sorry Jeremy, I didn’t hear a word of what you said, after you mentioned the New Age-y woman having kundalini experiences in a hot tub…damn, I’m going to have to listen to this whole thing again (minus the first four minutes).

  3. The last and only time I woke
    The last and only time I woke up with something other-worldly within arm’s reach of my bed the ‘flight-fight-freeze’ response took over…first I froze, then came an overwhelming sense of wanting to kick its lights out (fight)…followed by a plan to run out of there if it moved a single millimetre towards me (flight). This thing was squat, a couple of feet high, wearing armour made of small dark grey platelets, with a bright bullseye painted on its chest. I got the sense it did not have my best interests at heart and was sent to distract me from resisting a second attempt at an abduction by some ‘angry’ aliens (which I was shown how to resist, in a previous dream I had just ‘awoken’ from) strangely enough I perceived this thing did not have a soul…but it was most definately alive…well I woke up soon after, and couldn’t move with fright for fifteen minutes after, so it it must have been a dream…right?

  4. In that first dream where I
    In that first dream where I was shown how to resist, I could see through the walls of my bedroom into the valley outside, where there were a couple of UFOs shining a bright beam down to the ground, in some kind of searching pattern. I got the impression they were looking for me…then my dreaming self saw my sleeping body in the bed and I heard a voice, that I knew to be a higher form of myself, tell me not to worry, that I was about to learn something very important…I then got an impression that I was being sucked down a tube and could hear unfriendly voice at the other end. I felt that if I got to the other end of that tube, it would all be over…they would have me. I was then shown how to use extreme focused attention, which seemed to break the connection. That is when I had a false awakening with that thing next to my bed. I have no idea whether that resisting was real training, or just a dream concoction…but it was a pretty wild couple of dreams, either way.

    1. Hey Sherbet….
      What did you

      Hey Sherbet….
      What did you “focus” on?
      Maybe that training wasnt just for you… maybe you are supposed to share it so the rest of us can be prepared.

      1. Hi HG, yeah, I’m thinking
        Hi HG, yeah, I’m thinking about how best to answer that…as I don’t think it’s so much about a “what, rather than a “how much”…thinking “Furyan”. When I get something together in my mind, I will post it.

  5. Actually, thinking about it,
    Actually, thinking about it, that technique I was shown, or somehow just instinctively knew how to do, was like balancing on an edge between, like I said, extreme focused attention on one hand and perfect peaceful relaxation, on the other…like my life depended on it…so the more I think about it, maybe the whole abduction plot was just that…a plot in a theatre play…designed to make me remember. Like in the movie ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ where Balian gets slapped across his face by Godfrey, after taking his Knight’s vows (“And that is so you remember it”).

  6. This show was
    This show was incredible–thank you, Jeremy and Whitley (and Anne, too)!

  7. What you guys, Whitley and
    What you guys, Whitley and Jeremy are describing with the moth at the ‘wrap party’ is exactly the story found in the New Testament with Jesus and John the Baptist in the Jordan river.
    How can it be possibly interpreted otherwise?

    1. Stunning insight Sherbet, the
      Stunning insight Sherbet, the ancient traditions really have much to tell us nowadays about the mysteries we are exploring.

      1. Indeed they do, Cyan_Aura!
        Indeed they do, Cyan_Aura!

  8. I’ve also just found a poem
    I’ve also just found a poem by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch called “The White Moth” from 1895 and although the overall sentiments of this poem are not particularly apt, there are some aspects of it that are quite poignant…the following (extracted) lines, amongst others caught my attention…

    The light above the poet’s head
    Streamed on the page and on the cloth,
    And twice and thrice there buffeted
    On the black pane a white-winged moth:
    ’T was Annie’s soul that beat outside
    And “Open, open, open!” cried:

    1. Sherbet, I read the entire
      Sherbet, I read the entire poem, and it is beautiful, and also right on the mark about Whitley’s ‘White Moth’. Thanks so much for sharing the poem and the link! Whitley may be picking his jaw up off of the floor right now!

      I have known friends and family that have passed over the years, but few of them with the coherence of soul and spirit as Anne Strieber. As a matter of fact, I can only think of one that I have known with that coherence, and he may be the one that was the least expected—my dad. He was a simple person, lacking in formal education, and could be a real ‘goober’ at times (Albeit, a very lovable goober!). He was very kind, and would help anyone in need. And he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. With him, his passing was all about ‘Time’. He died in April 1992, and timepieces (clocks and watches) are his main way of letting us know occasionally that he is not ‘gone’. In the first few years after he passed, I got to know him in a very different way. Like Anne, he still shows up as ‘Daddy’, but that’s not entirely who he is, but just how I recognize him. My partner had never met my dad, but he was very curious about him, since one odd event involved him and one of my dad’s old watches, over 25 years after my dad’s passing. My partner is also an astrologer, so he took a look at my dad’s chart. He was surprised to find that my dad’s chart indicated one of the most spiritually evolved people he had ever read!

      1. Hi Cosmic, the poem is quite
        Hi Cosmic, the poem is quite beautiful, I agree – I just found it by chance, or so it would seem.

        Regarding timepieces, apparently the main wall clock in my Uncles house stopped at the time of his death. Since then I used to see number sequences on digital clocks quite regularly, although I never really attributed it to him.

  9. This was a remarkable show,
    This was a remarkable show, Jeremy, Whitley, and Anne. Thank you all so much. Also to Sherbet UFO, Cosmic Librarian,,HG, Caleb and Cyan_Aura. Comments always add insights, as well.

    It felt as if i was actually present with you guys when you were talking… rather than listening to a recording. Perhaps because of some quality -it was a coming together not in a physical place, but deep and real…such that i was “present.” Of course, time and space…and presence… are one… but not often depicted so. I was blessed by listening today… my deepest thanks to all.

  10. Wonderful show and wonderful
    Wonderful show and wonderful comments. It’s like Godzilla and King Kong teaming up when Whitley comes on to the experience. Thanks!

  11. Sherbet, I’m boggled by that

    Sherbet, I’m boggled by that poem! Thank you for it. Boy, was Shakespeare ever right when he had Hamlet tell Horatio that there are more things in heaven and earth than ever we have dreamed.

    I wonder if it’s a coincidence. She was very much alive when she started insisting that I memorize “Song of the Wandering Aengus.” Clearly, she already knew the role the white moth would play in our later relationship. I wonder if her soul also knew of this poem?

  12. Hi Whitley, I was amazed when
    Hi Whitley, I was amazed when I found it…and you are most welcome. Was it a coincidence? Well, its a very interesting one, if it is; I would say its leaning very heavily on the side of synchronicity! And the poem has been around for a long time, 120+ years, so maybe Anne was aware of it on another level…I’m sure she must have been.

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