"Scott" returns to talk about his spiritual theory of everything called "Absolute Holism." But first, we continue our conversation from last episode, delving into the high strangeness and dreamtime experiences that most shook his worldview and led him to rethink reality.

As with "alien abductions," sometimes Super Natural phenomena haunts a family down through its lineage. Is it going somewhere? Is there someone in the family who is supposed to do something with–or outright change–the narrative surrounding lifetimes of terrifying experiences? Meet Scott….

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Former Defense Intelligence Agency specialist Dr. Irena McCammon Scott joins Whitley this week in a survey of recent discoveries about famous UFO cases ranging from the Kenneth Arnold sighting through the 1952 Washington flyovers up until modern times. And it’s A LOT!  

UFOs are not going away, and these cases just keep getting more and more confirmation. And yet the government continues to deny, and, following in lockstep scientists scoff and the media snickers.  

Listen as Dr. Scott lays it all out–what’s true and what’s not, and the amazing mysteries that remain! read more