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As with "alien abductions," sometimes Super Natural phenomena haunts a family down through its lineage. Is it going somewhere? Is there someone in the family who is supposed to do something with–or outright change–the narrative surrounding lifetimes of terrifying experiences? Meet Scott….

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  1. Hey Jeremy & Scott.

    Hey Jeremy & Scott.
    Im currently listening.
    What IF your parents’ reaction was a “mind control”?
    Still listening
    “assembled data” – (Im the WHAT IF guy)
    What IF “they” were taking the MuFON data and tracking date/location of activity looking for a pattern. kinda like thin spots in reality where things and reach thru.

  2. While listening to this for
    While listening to this for the first time i fell asleep on a couch about half-way through. I had a dream where I was in a room with my Mother. Two people dressed in all black were approaching us from down a hallway. My mother abruptly left.

    I perceived a murderous intent from these two people so I closed the door to the room before they could get in. Only the door was crystal clear glass. Through the glass I was watching them get closer. I became so terrified that I began to pray out of desperation.

    Then these two black clad individuals morphed into the TV across from the couch. I was awake. Had i slept with my eyes open? It was for sure a dream.

    Then, while laying on the couch awake, the couch began to vibrate. Not altered state vibrations but the couch was physically vibrating. Even though the dogs and cats didn’t react at all. Lol so strange.

    Great show, fellas. I look forward to the next one.

  3. And one more thing I didn’t
    And one more thing I didn’t mention. Before the couch started vibrating but after I woke up. It sounded as though someone was knocking on the back door. Which is silly because the back yard is fenced in with a locked privacy fence. BUT it could have very easily been one of the cats knocking stuff around. It added to the weirdness though. Sure sounded like a knock. And not the esoteric three knocks, it was at least 7 to 9 knocks.

    Ok I’m done, happy New Year everyone!

    1. Andy, thanks for admitting
      Andy, thanks for admitting that you nodded off during the show! This happens to me frequently when listening to ‘The Experience’ or ‘Dreamland’, and may I add that I rarely experience boredom, but I really do go into some kind of altered state. When my son was a teenager, we would often listen to ‘Dreamland’ together, and it would happen to both of us! My son and I discussed it a few times that we were both usually fully engaged in listening to very fascinating information, only to awaken with a start, and wonder why we had suddenly nodded off! At the same time, I consciously remember hearing what was being said.

      That being said…When I listened to this show when it was released on December 20th, I fell asleep. What woke me up was seeing a dark shadow coming through the doorway of the room where I was listening to the interview! To be clear, I remember nothing else but the ‘shadow’ coming into the room as I was in a dream-like state, and I woke up immediately as the shadow entered the room, which was near the very end of the interview. The shadow was tall and lanky, and that’s all I remember.

  4. Cosmic, thank you!

    Cosmic, thank you!

    Whether it’s just psychological or something metaphysical, some of Scott’s experiences have a real darkness to them. Or that is how I perceived it.

    1. Darkness, yes. And Terror.
      Darkness, yes. And Terror. And Despair. But there is also Hope….
      Part two talks about that a lot more.

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