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Though not explicitly stated, this week’s guest has a lifetime of high strangeness experiences that appear to unfold in answer to questions and interests he has about life, the universe, and everything. But can what he is shown be trusted as actualities? Or are we being shown through multitudes of experiences that run contrary (or parallel) to our sense of normalcy that there are no actualities?

Perhaps we are being shown something else entirely.

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  1. My thoughts on evil are that
    My thoughts on evil are that first, it’s necessary if free will is a reality, and second, that since we live in a world of opposites, night and day, positive and negative, etc, it’s also necessary for balance. At the same time, I believe there is a Cosmic Justice that applies to both good and evil. Evil essentially deals with the imposition of limitation, so limitation is imposed on it; it can only exist at the lower levels of creation, whereas good extends all the way back to the Source. A shadow depends on light for its existence, but light does not depend on a shadow, nor do shadows exist, or accompany light back to its source. Evil is a derivative phenomena which is ultimately based on the self-chosen limitation that Light uses in order to have a creation of apparent finites, that is really always and actually infinite.

  2. Interesting thought, Steve,
    Interesting thought, Steve, about evil being a derivative phenomena; it does strike a chord. I have heard someone describe an apparent evil entity as a conglomeration or derivative grouping of negative energies, rather than as an eternal, autonomous being with a soul, like a person. It makes sense to me, as the evil I have encountered seems to be lacking in an essential component that we possess: that eternal spark of Love in the center of our being. I’m only talking here about ‘evil’ or malicious entities, not about the evils of the world or human-generated ‘evil’.

  3. Your description also strikes
    Your description also strikes a chord with me. I once sensed the aura of a ‘person’ I considered evil. It resembled broken shards of glass jutting out in various directions, disharmonious and chaotic (not to mention destructive). Even in the case of so-called ‘normal’ human evil though, it’s based on limited consciousness, ignorance, and lack of the awareness of oneness, yet oneness is the reality behind it all, and the limitations that give rise to evil are ultimately self-chosen by the infinite in order to play the cosmic game of a myriad of finite consciousness’s in relation with each other, when in reality there is only the infinite.

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