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"Ursula" is a healer and a channeler who became such when she learned how to trust her spirit guides, as well as her own intuition. On this week’s show, she takes us through the moments of her wakeup calls, how she handled them, and the beautiful turns her life took as a result of embracing them. 

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  1. About your speculations on
    About your speculations on free will and how much we have, I don’t think we have total free will. We all are on a life journey that seems to be guided by our spirituality and no matter how we try I don’t think we can influence the general course of that journey. It’s a journey that we ourselves requested or put in motion. And it seems to me that our spirits have their own ways of fulfilling that destiny regardless of our own more mundane desires. However I do believe that we possess free will within the parameters of that spiritual guideline. Whether we walk clockwise around the block or counterclockwise around the block, it would not deter the true purpose of why we need to be there. As far as Jeremy’s speculation about why some people have positive or negative experiences, I speculate that that is totally up to the experiencer or his spirit and that we each receive exactly what is necessary for us to continue to progress.

    1. Aren’t you implying that
      Aren’t you implying that there’s a will greater than ‘ours’ acting in our life which cannot be overruled? Isn’t that the definition of free will? Then it becomes a matter of identity. Which ‘will’ do we identify with? Are we compelled to identify with one or the other, or have we chosen, or ‘agreed’ to do so?

  2. What an easy episode to
    What an easy episode to listen to, and inspiring. I had to laugh when Ursula said she never felt she was on a hero’s journey – but eight and a half years of physical pain, well, what was THAT??? No disrespect Ursula, you’re beautiful.

    The concept of free will is so rich for mining. You can’t have free will unless you’re free but on some level we’re all free, so choose your level wisely!

    Really great episode.

    1. ditto Steven44. loved this
      ditto Steven44. loved this episode.

  3. Anyone else find themselves
    Anyone else find themselves listening to the beginning of the show and questioning the motives of a spirit guide that thinks it’s appropriate and at all useful to show a four-year-old girl visions of dismembered infants?

    And yeah, what is it about Hawai’i? I have these same experiences: the same feeling of inexplicable connection, the sense of some kind of strong energy, the deep heartache when you have to leave. There are songs that make my chest ache when I hear them on the mainland. The woman who, a long time ago, taught me how to do a similar kind of hands on healing, ended up later moving to Hawai’i. It’s funny, she also used to travel around the country teaching people, and it kind of makes me wonder if it’s the same person who taught Ursula.

    Hopefully I will retire there someday.

    1. “Anyone else find themselves
      “Anyone else find themselves listening to the beginning of the show and questioning the motives of a spirit guide that thinks it’s appropriate and at all useful to show a four-year-old girl visions of dismembered infants?”

      Not me. The message was for her mother, and not to scare her. Ursula said she had no idea what it meant. It wasn’t a scary experience. The words she said came through her, the experience itself came through her. The fact is it stayed with her mother for years. When her husband died, she was finally free to acknowledge the truth of it to her daughter, and that she understood the meaning of it, and had at least one person, Ursula, to unburden herself to. When that four year old child was crying inconsolably, that was what her mother wanted to do, but couldn’t, the anger that four year old child expressed to her mother was the same anger her mother felt towards herself, but couldn’t acknowledge, So Ursula, with the help of her spirit guide, cried for her, and felt her anger at herself, FOR her.

  4. Continuing on the concept of
    Continuing on the concept of free will, if free will is a reality then it’s a universal reality. Then why do we see such evidence to the contrary? Why is it debatable? Because free will is a deeper reality than we are normally aware of. The ‘absence’ of free will is a mask we wear to experience reality on a certain level. Free will exercised on the lower levels of reality would be chaos and destruction. Even the ‘freedom’ we see exercised on the common human level results in the same, such as a single person deciding to shoot and kill crowds of people, so ‘freedom’ on the lower levels must be proscribed.

    The freedom from above and the freedom from below are often, or always, in conflict. That may be the very nature of the freedom from below, but it’s the freedom from above that eventually prevails. It’s a matter of time and circumstance. In other words ‘you can make this easy, or you can make this hard, but it will be done.’

    For some reason this beautiful poignant song captures the essence of the conflict between inner freedom and the outer bondage society impinges on individuals. It’s not overtly ‘spiritual’, but there’s just something about it that somehow speaks to something deeper within us.

    Another ‘pop’ song, yet apropos to a mystical interpretation:

  5. There’s a word for that
    There’s a word for that feeling of being home, knowing and remembering. Its “querencia”, a feeling of being where you are supposed to be, where you are operating out of your highest good, your most powerful. For me, its New Mexico. On my first trip there, I felt overwhelming deja vu and that I was finally home. Everyone has their place.

    1. That’s a great word, and a
      That’s a great word, and a great concept.

  6. Awesome show, Jeremy. I felt
    Awesome show, Jeremy. I felt my heart open again to truths I once held as dear that had gotten shrouded in the trappings of the material world. You know the ones that keep you working two jobs, raising children, mortgage, tuition, on and on and on until you hardly remember who you are or wanted to be, or the gifts you once had and wanted to hone. Thanks to your show Ursula has caused me to remember, and maybe because it is the right time, for me, to face the negative energies of this present darkness and dispel it. (It is an audio show – but tell the truth–, are you wearing a mask and cape behind the mike, as you traverse this dimensional reality leading your rag tag team of exceptional individuals and cats?)

  7. Was reminded of this saying
    Was reminded of this saying by Christian Morgenstern:

    “Home is not where you live but where they understand you.”

    …And we always come back to free will. We could discuss it, again, until the cows come home, but like so much else, we probably should just take it on faith that we DO have free will. And if there is no free will, what’s the point in discussing it? 🙂

    1. Or maybe it’s where you
      Or maybe it’s where you understand yourself, or if that’s a given, then where you’re most free to be or express yourself.

      I can’t argue your point that discussion won’t necessarily resolve any mystery, but rather than it being a reason not to discuss something (Anything?) I’d rather appreciate discussion for what it can give: new ideas (at least subjectively) and alternative points of view, ideally in an atmosphere of sharing and community-building. Of course, only for those who are interested in such things.

      1. Steve44, of course it should
        Steve44, of course it should be discussed, and my tongue was firmly planted in cheek when I asked, “And if there is no free will, what’s the point in discussing it?” accompanied by a ‘smile’. (Sorry if my attempt at humor fell flat!)

        As for Ursula asking the voice to repeat the message, I don’t ask for repetition of the message, I usually just say, “Sorry, but you’ll have to give me more than that!” If it is authentic, within hours there will typically be a synchronicity or sign that ties in pretty directly to the message.

        I have also been given messages that were more about a ‘heads up’ over things that I could not control or change, and are more precognitive in their content. Those are the worst…That being said, maybe we have ‘free will’ on some things, but not on others. Certain events may be predestined, but how we learn from them and react to them are not.

        1. “Steve44, of course it should
          “Steve44, of course it should be discussed, and my tongue was firmly planted in cheek when I asked, “And if there is no free will, what’s the point in discussing it?” accompanied by a ‘smile’. (Sorry if my attempt at humor fell flat!)”

          That makes sense. You know, Cosmic, sometimes it’s hard to understand what someone is saying, when their tongue is in their cheek, but then, I’m probably out of practice…

          1. I have always had an
            I have always had an off-kilter sense of humor, but I have found that having a sense of humor about all of this is even more important than needing, more than anything, to be taken seriously. There. I did it again.

            As Ursula wisely pointed out, things really took a positive turn for her when she ‘let it go’…

          2. I think a lot of people can
            I think a lot of people can benefit by laughing at themselves, including me. Actually, I consider humor to be one of the fundamental particles (scientists take note), as universal as gravity, but acting more like anti-gravity.

            In fact, maybe we should all set aside a day, where we do nothing but laugh at ourselves.

            “The more you laugh at yourself, the more seriously you’ll be taken.” – me

  8. Found it interesting that
    Found it interesting that Ursula would ask the voice to repeat itself 3X before she’d act on it. I, too, tend to be a “Doubting Thomas”. I was hearing a voice in my mind that said it was my high school sweetheart who had passed away several years ago. I was doing my typical doubting thing and asked him to prove to me that it was him.

    A couple of days later, I was at my son’s house and he turned on a show on the t.v. that he wanted me to watch. A man on the game show was going to memorize the names of several people and some other things about each person. As each person paraded in front of the camera with their name tags on, I was astonished to see one named “Dante” and another named “Danny”. Dante was my high school sweetheart’s name and I called him Danny. There was my confirmation! He later confirmed that he had arranged that for me.

    Enjoyed the show!

  9. Lovely show; Ursula, thanks
    Lovely show; Ursula, thanks so much for sharing. Wonderful stuff, and what I for one, needed to hear this morning.


  10. Fascinating experiences. On
    Fascinating experiences. On the free will question: look for the decider. You won’t find one. Horizontally, we are lived integrally from birth to death. Only vertically is there free well. Analogy: the characters on a movie screen are expressed horizontally and appear to have free will (but we know they really don’t); vertically however, from the direction of the source (i.e., the projector) is it possible to project anything; it is in that projection, out of the formless now, that free will (and miracles) come in.

    1. Doesn’t it depend on where
      Doesn’t it depend on where you look for the decider? You yourself said it can be found, just not in the ‘obvious’ places. The distinction is in ‘will’ versus ‘free will’. We exercise will all the time, but our will is not free unless we are free, but there’s an element of all of us that is free. There can be no projection without a projector. In other words, the distinction between the projector and the projected is illusory, because they are completely interdependent, it’s a singular process.

  11. Jeremy, you were asking about
    Jeremy, you were asking about influences similar to what Ursula experiences only negative instead of positive and where free will fits into both. While it’s not as simple as ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ since both of those terms tend to mask the deeper reality which is both more relative and perhaps more subjective than both those terms allow, at a certain level of intensity they can be more clearly resolved into one or the other. Look at Ursula’s intervention into her mother’s abortion at four years old. Mister Acidic saw it as a clearly negative experience, but I saw it as an intervention to free her mother from her suppressed feelings over the abortion. Had that not occurred, her mother probably would have held those feelings locked inside, suppressed for the rest of her life. Undoubtedly the negative psychological consequences of that would have far outweighed any ‘negative’ aspects of the experience itself.

    I think what you’re asking is if free will can be overridden by one, can it be overridden by the other as well? but in Ursula’s case, is it being overridden, or is that just the appearance, because we define our boundaries, and thus our will, incorrectly? Just because something appears from the outside one way, doesn’t mean that’s the way it really is.

    Anyway, Ursula said one can reject the (positive) influences if one wants to. Once they are accepted, (and on what level of our consciousness that acceptance takes place is not a singular nor a trivial factor either) their action can appear to override our ordinary will, but that’s only apparent – superficial if you will, and our real will was exercised in the initial acceptance or rejection.

    Now, negative influences can also dwell in the supernatural or supernormal, and can have the same appearance of overriding our ordinary will when they act, but like in the positive, there has to be a previous consent in some part of the consciousness. This is why I said the level of our consciousness that gives consent is important, because the level that gives consent to the negative influences is not the same as the level that gives consent to the positive. I could say more but I think you get the idea.

  12. Hmm, I’m not sure what to
    Hmm, I’m not sure what to make of Ursula’s experience of effectively being dragged into that queue, or her feet being stuck to the spot. I guess it depends on who is doing the dragging, or sticking and how much you trust them but even so, it sounds more like her will had been depricated, circumvented, or whatever you want to call it…almost like that movie “The Game” with Michael Douglas…once you’ve made your decision to enter, your destiny is someone else’s to control, or guide. I don’t like the sound of that. Saying that, I was trying to think of analogies and came up with a taxi ride through a fairly familiar town…you pay your money and trust that the driver will get you safely and swiftly to your intended destination…you think you know which the best route to take is…but when the driver takes a detoure, you have to hope they know a better way, with less traffic and aren’t just angling to be paid for a longer journey…which is where the trust comes in. Nonetheless, I would prefer to have an alternate route suggested, so a conscious choice could be made, rather than just being along for the ride.

    1. Sherbet, how often in this
      Sherbet, how often in this world is our will coerced, influenced, deceived, by forces that do not have our best interests at heart? Advertising, mass media, politics, giving false or biased information, cultural memes beyond the easy reach of rational thought, a vast machinery of manipulation designed to channel and limit our choices, manufacturing consent? Do we, as isolated individuals in this world have all the information we need to make the right choices, or is that isolation and insecurity exploited at every opportunity to steer us in particular ways? What is it, exactly, that is being ‘overridden’ when our will is plucked out of that miasma for a higher purpose?

      1. Steve44, of course societies
        Steve44, of course societies and associated structures are by their very nature mechanisms of control and influence, which have mostly become insidiously and often overtly corrupted. It is one thing being a pawn within that orchestrated game, manipulated at every turn by the distillation of base human nature, where ones will is eroded and misdirected to better the few…but entirely another having ones will overridden from an unknown ‘higher’ spiritual source, to physically control ones actions. Maybe I have become desensitised to the former, which is why of these two, only the idea of the latter makes my hair stand on end.

        1. Sherbet, thank you for your
          Sherbet, thank you for your clear and intelligent response. As misused as our will sometimes is both from without and from within it is still a precious and valuable thing and is worth cherishing. But as important and fundamental as it is, no single force in this Universe is or is allowed to be omnipotent, so for every rule there are exceptions. This does not break the harmony of the Universe, it creates it.

  13. Regarding this matter of free
    Regarding this matter of free will vs destiny, I don’t see them as mutually exclusive but that both are true…it just depends on your perspective. From outside the time stream, the universe in its entirety from beginning to end could be perceived as a static sculpture. All lives and consequences of desisions have all been made and are clear to see…what is…is…the shape of the sculpture, the destiny of the universe is known in all it nuances and detail. But from within the time stream, with no knowledge of the future, choices are freely made that craft that universe’s structure. The only sticking point for me is precognition…does that represent a glimpsing of the true shape of the final sculpture, the destiny, of the universe? Or it is just an extrapolation of current events into the most likely future? If one glimpses the true structure, does that not negate, or nullify free will, eroding one’s will to strive for a desired outcome?

    1. Sherbet, precognition is the
      Sherbet, precognition is the wild card, and I have experienced it, several times. I’m not sure why I have a knowing about certain events, I just do. The only thing that appears to come about to the lead-up to the event is in the ‘knowing’, and also maybe in how relationships are handled prior to and after the event. Let me give an example…

      Several years ago, I was in that state between sleep and waking before my alarm went off one Monday morning. In a flash, I had what I can only call a vision. I saw the interior of a car and there was a black wreath lying on the seat of the driver’s side. I woke up immediately, and highly disturbed and shaken up. So, for several days I was in fear for close family members. I knew that someone in my circle was going to die in an automobile accident, and I was on pins and needles the whole time. A week after the vision, the following Monday, I got to work and found out that one of my co-workers had lost her brother in a truly horrific car crash that previous weekend, and that she would be out for the next week. When my boss told me what had happened, I mentioned my vision to her, and I also told her not to tell my co-worker about it. (By the way, I felt bad for the co-worker, while also feeling an intense feeling of relief for myself!)

      About 3 months later, the co-worker (I’ll call her ‘Tracy’) came to me and told me that my boss had just told her about my vision, and that she should talk to me about it. Unbeknownst to me, Tracy had not been able to sleep since the death of her brother, and she was even getting professional counseling and therapy to deal with her brother’s death. She asked for my description of the interior of the car, and apparently it matched the car that her brother was driving when he crashed and died, along with his best friend. So I asked her some questions and found out that the reason she couldn’t sleep was because when she closed her eyes, her dead brother was in her face shouting at her and would not leave her alone. I looked at her and said, “Oh! He doesn’t realize that he’s dead, and he’s trying to get your attention!” Not only was he dead and unaware of it, no one was really listening to him either.

      She asked me what she could do about it, and I told her that it was important that he realized what had happened so that he could move on. Since i knew she was getting professional therapy, I advised her to speak to her therapist first about what I had said, and see how the therapist felt about Tracy seeing a professional psychic in assisting her with handling her dead brother.

      A week later, Tracy came into my office again to tell me how things were going. Fortunately, her therapist was fine about Tracy consulting a psychic, and even recommended a well-regarded psychic in our community. Tracy saw the psychic who agreed with my assessment, and was able to contact Tracy’s deceased grandfather on the other side to seek out Tracy’s brother. The grandfather found Tracy’s brother, which did the trick. Tracy told me that when she went home that night, she got her first full night of sleep since her brother had died. She slept soundly thereafter, and was soon out of therapy too. Tracy was also deeply grateful for my advice. Except for the actual death of Tracy’s brother, there are were certainly a lot of ‘what ifs’ involved thereafter.

      So, this is what I meant in my post above when I commented: “Certain events may be predestined, but how we learn from them and react to them are not.”

  14. Cosmic, thank goodness there
    Cosmic, thank goodness there was someone like you around to catch that precog wave…but a shame that you had to experience such worried uncertainty in the short term, before you were able help. At least something positive came out of such awful events.

    I might have told you before but that reminds me of when I started meditating at first. I was using the mantra “God is Love” and not long after the words faded and I was left with the feeling they invoked, I would suddenly see visions of people in terrible distress, frightened and looking for help, that I gathered had died suddenly, some of whome were in car crashes. It was quite disturbing and most unexpected. It eventually faded the more I repeated the meditation but I can only imagine they were attracted to a light I was giving off…I don’t know…that’s the only way I can rationalise it but unlike you, I never got to help any of them…well maybe one…maybe…but that’s another story.

    1. Sherbet, just yesterday, the
      Sherbet, just yesterday, the precog event posted above took a turn. It happened over 20 years ago. I was talking to my sister about the event above yesterday, and it clicked with her about something going on with her that involved a death in an auto accident near her home a couple of years ago. Without taking up more time in this thread, suffice to say that as I was giving my sister guidance about what to do, she stopped and briefly freaked out when a basket on a low shelf in her living room flew off of the shelf! She said that what I had told her validated what I had just advised her to do about her problem. Hopefully, more to come on this story…

      As for you..Help anyone that you can. Focus on those that you can help. If you ever have that situation happen again, simply, lovingly, acknowledge them all. I had that same thing happen to me after the Indian Ocean tsunami. I was meditating, when one lone little girl showed up. In my mind I picked her up and held and comforted her. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by literally hundreds of people that had passed tragically through that awful event. They were just grateful that I saw them and that someone, anyone, knew that they were there. Of course, it affected me profoundly, and I cried like a baby once they thanked me and went on…

      P.S. Keep the light on…:-)

  15. In my humble opinion, this is
    In my humble opinion, this is the most interesting and entertaining show so far. I loved hearing about your guest’s adventures and how the energy medicine was effective. Simply remarkable stuff. I listen on a regular basis, but maybe i am just not up to speed on some of your enlightened thinking, because it sometimes feels like the questions are so broad in scope, that I get lost in what the intention of the question was. Like :Do all your guides do such and such or something like that. I hope you do not take this as criticism, because that is not my intention. But I find for me, the flow of the interview is smoother with the narrowing of information by further specific probing questions, rather than broadening it out further. And you obviously do that as well. So maybe I am easily confused and get off track. And it could be this is solely my issue. So thank you for your program and I look forward to more.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. It
      Thanks for the feedback. It could be me. I don’t plan out questions, so sometimes I ramble and get lost in my own question. I’ll try to be mindful of that moving forward.

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