This is one of the most unusual UFO videos we have ever received on Unknowncountry. The object in this video is not the planet Niburu, contrary to what the videographer suggests. If another planet was that close to Earth, and exploding, our world would be in desperate trouble right now. However, this appears to be a well worked out video and so unusual that we are publishing this as a news story rather than an Out There story. The videographer begins with an excellent visual explanation of just where he observed the object in the sky. For another eight minutes of the video, the object is seen moving slowly in the evening sky. The contrail observed appears unrelated to the object, and an ordinary contrail. Then, at 10:25 the object explodes.
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At a time when even some UFO groups are declaring that UFOs don’t exist, we return to an event that the powers that be would prefer you forget–history’s most incredible UFO event. On September 12, 1952, shocked American citizens contacted the Pentagon, military authorities, police stations, CIA officials and the media to report UFOs passing over and landing throughout the eastern US. During 12 hours of sustained UFO activity, several objects, including some that were damaged and landed, penetrated US airspace and were attacked by US Air Force fighters.

What happened next is one of the greatest of all UFO cases. This must never, ever be forgotten. One day, the truth about this mystery WILL be made more

Some of the late Barry Goldwater’s UFO-related correspondence has recently been released, and it makes shocking reading, for a reason that I will detail in a moment. After I read it, though, I found myself thinking about the present state of the UFO mystery, how we have gotten here, and what has been lost.

When Goldwater’s first letters were written, in the late 1960s, it was still possible for respected media to publish UFO stories. It didn’t happen often, even then, but it did happen. Not anymore, and I think that some of Goldwater’s statements, and some things revealed in his letters, tell us why it is that the media and the scientific community absolutely reject the whole subject as nonsense.
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This Dreamland starts out with a stunning report about a UFO sighting in Ontario that is strikingly similar to the  Stephensville, Texas UFO incident of 2008. But then it moves on into one of the most amazing dialogs we have ever broadcast. Listen as Linda Moulton Howe opens up to Whitley Strieber about a conversation she had with a 33 year veteran of the intelligence community who told her that his job for all that time had been to monitor the activities of three alien races on earth, who are not only here but who have been here essentially since the beginning of more