Julian Assange has said that there are references to UFOs in some of the documents he is still holding, but he has not said what these documents may contain. Personally, I would be very surprised if any diplomatic documents contained more than a passing reference to UFOs, perhaps a disparaging comment about a world leader or other official who believed that they were real. However, if there are documents that in any way prove that UFOs are real, then I would also think that Mr. Assange is right in fearing that he might be murdered. Under American law, the president does have the right to order his assassination, and that would certainly be an option they would consider to prevent such a release.
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One of the most extensive and best documented recent UFO events in the US took place on January 8, 2008 in the little town of Stephensville, Texas. The UFO group MUFON has just released an analysis of radar records from the FAA and the National Weather Service, comparing them to eyewitness accounts, and has found that the radar returns correlate with the sightings, confirming that a mysterious object was in the sky that night that was traveling at up to 2,000 mph. The report was prepared by MUFON investigators Glen Schulze and Robert Powell. The radar returns they examined were obtained under Freedom of Information Act rules from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service.read more

This object was found on the Mono Lake webcam Monday morning. Keep reading for notes from one of our volunteer photo analysts, Dan Drasin. Dan has been a videographer, documentary film maker and photographer for 35 years.

His comments:

It’s not the kind of “orb” that shows up in a lot of digitalphotos (those are two-dimensional and therefore not really “orbs”at all–I hate the name, but alas, it’s stuck). But IF this one isn’t faked it certainly seems to be a real orb (sphere).
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On March 13, a video was made in Puerto Alegre, Brazil ofwhat appeared to be a U-shaped fireball slowly descending toearth. The Brazilian reporter commented on the unusualnature of the object, but without realizing that an objectso similar as to be virtually identical had been seen andphotographed by journalists and officials from a plane inChina three weeks prior. Thanks to an “Out There” reader,the excellent photo published in China of the object seenfrom the plane was brought to our attention today.

There was speculation that the Brazilian object might be ameteor, despite its slow descent to earth. But there was noquestion that the object seen by the Chinese was somethingelse, as it was not descending at the time that it wasphotographed.
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