At this website, we get hundreds of links to video of UFOs and aliens, and many actual videos sent to us, usually of UFOs taken at night. Much of this video we do not do anything with, either because it is of a light at night that could really be anything, or because it is obviously a simple computer generated graphic.

In our new “Out There” section, which aggregates without editing, we will usually post links to interesting and unusual video, even without evaluating it. For the main news section of the site, however, we do evaluate any images, video or still, that we might post and comment on.
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Thanks to a sharp-eyed”Out There”reader, videos ofidentical and extremely bizarre living forms have emergedfrom two different countries. Both show odd “stick figures”that look nothing like any “alien video” ever made. One wastaken in Fresno, California and the other in Santa Rosa deQuives near Lima, Peru. (Click ‘Full Story’ to see thevideos.)

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The Office of the President Elect has created a websitecalled that asks citizens to propose and vote ona large number of different issues. ONE OF THOSE ISSUES ISUFO DISCLOSURE. We urge you toCLICKHERE to vote YES on this issue right away, and, if youwish, add your comment. To see Whitley’s comment, keep reading.

This is Whitley Strieber’s comment, added at the site:

It is long past time for government to acknowledge the factthat something strange andunexplained, at least to the public, is appearing in ourskies and, for many of us, also in our lives.
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This image of a UFO on the ground was shot in south Texas onthe night of January 11, 2009. It was shot near Harlingen,Texas. The photograph was taken by a young woman known to a contributor to this website and is entirely authentic. The object remained on the ground for only a few seconds. It was less than 200 yards from the witness. It made no sound and shot off into the sky at extreme speed.

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