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Remember the Socorro UFO event, when patrolman Lonnie Zamora had a close encounter with a UFO and its two occupants on a roadside in rural New Mexico? It happened back in 1964 and was a worldwide sensation at the time. Then the damage control experts took over and it was soon relegated to the ashcan of history.

But should it have been? Famed UFO researcher Kevin Randle says definitely not, and he offers the evidence to prove it in this riveting edition of Dreamland.

In the second half of the show, some Whitley zingers show up, and you have to wonder yet again if he can tell all he knows. He and Kevin discuss their relationships with General Arthur Exon, who gave Kevin the extraordinary interview that he published in the Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell, and then get into some virtually unknown material about the bodies that were found.

Listen closely. There is a LOT happening between the lines in this fabulous discussion!

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  1. (Just a note: Officer
    (Just a note: Officer Zamora’s first name was Lonnie, with an “L”.)

  2. Nice show, thank you.
    Nice show, thank you.

    Whitley, I’m waiting for the audio book. I’m at a point with my job where it’s very difficult for me to create time to read. So instead of buying it and never reading it, I’m going to get the audio version so I know I’ll use the book. Thank you! I can’t wait for the audio version and I hope you are doing the reading.

  3. Great interview. Thank you
    Great interview. Thank you Whitley and Kevin. There was some new info (to me) and some really good discussion which gave me new understanding.

  4. I purchased the book (under
    I purchased the book (under my wife’s Amazon account) & have finished reading it.
    I loved it!

  5. You discussed the
    You discussed the possibilities for UFO phenomena such as extraterrestrials, extra-dimensionals, and future selves. Who’s to say that it has to be just one of these? Perhaps all of them are visiting at times. Also, who’s to say that they all know who each other are? Perhaps the extraterrestrial visitors are as baffled by the extra-dimensionals as we are. Perhaps alternative timeline visitors never encountered certain extraterrestrials in their timeline and know nothing of them. Perhaps the future selves come from a different timeline and many of the encounters they have don’t make sense to them either. The possibilities are seemingly endless, and if the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct, would indeed be endless.

  6. Great Dreamland! I’ve
    Great Dreamland! I’ve listened twice. Raises interesting questions about who/what visitors are. I’m eagerly awaiting Afterlife audiobook too.

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