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Master UFO researcher Preston Dennett returns to Dreamland with a shocking and amazing story of a strange underwater location that could be a UFO base off the coast of  Malibu in Southern California—and guess who lives right nearby? Whitley, of course.

It seems that the Striebers moved from a UFO hotbed in upstate New York to a UFO hotbed in Southern California. They just can’t seem to stay away!

Join us for a deeply informative and revealing discussion of things as diverse as the experiences of astronaut Gordon Cooper (Whitley tells of his private discussion with him!!), a multiple witness encounter between a submarine and an unidentified submerged object and much more.

Sit back and enjoy the adventure…but you might think about fastening your seatbelt because this is a wild one!!

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  1. Great show
    Great show

  2. A lot of food for thought in
    A lot of food for thought in this episode. Thank you both.

  3. I lived in Southern
    I lived in Southern California for about 10 years during my adolescence and early adulthood, and I can tell you that it had a very strange ‘feel’ for me the whole time that I lived there. I also learned lots of things on a level that I could not have learned here in Texas during that time. My spiritual growth really got going when I lived there! I have come to realize that there was a bigger purpose, for me and my sister, when my father was transferred there from South Texas.

    I am very familiar with Malibu, and once spent an amazing weekend on Catalina Island at a marine science symposium when I was a sophomore in high school. The weekend was capped off by an unexpected pop-in visit by the great Jacques Cousteau when we spent a few hours at the Wrigley Marine Science Center. He was there with the Callisto filming one of his specials about whale migrations and he literally dropped by unannounced when he heard about a small group of young people chosen to be at the symposium. Yes, I was blown away when he stood about 4 feet away from where I was sitting—to me he was the real deal and deserving of ‘rock star’ status!

    A few months later I also attended was privileged to hear Richard Feynman speak, after getting to take a tour of the JPL facility. Wow! (As you’ve guessed, I was very nerdy!)

    Feynman and Cousteau, unbeknownst to me at the time, would end up having a big influence on me, even though I did not become a scientist. Cousteau helped me to see on a deep level the importance of life on this planet and protecting it. Feynman led me to see a scientific reality outside of the box ( I had already been having ‘experiences’ for years.) While I don’t fully understand quantum physics, they somehow ‘ground’ me, oddly enough.

    The point is, while I never got into the groove of the SoCal lifestyle, I had opportunities and experiences that I truly could not have gotten anywhere else. Also, while attending college in Long Beach, I had a very strange encounter on campus with a guy who matched the description of those beings that showed up at that beach party mentioned in this interview, and he ended up staying with me and my family for about a week! (That’s a very odd story in and of itself, and my mother, my sister and I still puzzle over it!)

    So…If there is a secret UFO base off of the Southern California Coast, I would not be one bit surprised.. 🙂

  4. Some usual weirdness for me.
    Some usual weirdness for me. When I went through my email today I was sure I had something from The Edgar Mitchell Institution. But now I can’t find it. I remember taking the survey a while back but I since I don’t find those emails I am wondering if I am having an “episode”. So, I went back today and took the survey. It was not familiar at all. I really enjoyed this interview. Thank you.

  5. A few times the Dreamland
    A few times the Dreamland audio has stopped whilst streaming, for no apparent reason and each time there has been something interesting about it…this week it stopped, I looked at the clock and it was 1:11…the audio had stopped at 11:09…probably a stretch but in my mind that is 1+1 to 11:11…the word it stopped on was ‘teeth’…yeah, er no…I’ve come up a blank on that :-)) …back to listening, or sleep?…

  6. …and trying to sleep, I
    …and trying to sleep, I realised that I had actually been pondering something about my teeth earlier in the day…huh…and going full circle, taking into account time differences, I am about to send this message at 1:11 !

  7. Very engaging and informative
    Very engaging and informative show. guys! Thanks very much!

  8. Whitley, you mentioned Morton
    Whitley, you mentioned Morton Downey Jr., again, and how his teeth were straightened mysteriously. Was this incident before his car crash in 1961, when he lost seven of his teeth? He wrote in his autobiography that he had his teeth capped by a Boston dentist after the accident.

  9. Back in the late 80’s my then
    Back in the late 80’s my then husband had a poker game that includes a good friend in the Navy. He brought a ship mate with him. During the evening the subject of UFO’s came up. Our friend knew I was interested in the subject and with a lot of pushing got his shipmate to tell the story of his sighting. The best I can remember it went like this, He was on watch early in the morning, when a classic disk came up out of the water and leveled off about 50 feet from the ship. He radioed the other person on watch if he was seeing the same thing. He was. The captain was then called who came on deck and also saw the disk. I don’t remember how long they watched it before it shot away at great speed. When he mentioned logging the incident, the captain looked at him and said, What incident, this never happened.

  10. On the subject of “see a UFO,
    On the subject of “see a UFO, loose your job”; in the 90’s their was a large power outage in the area where we lived. The cause was a mystery and was eventually blamed on squirrels chewing the lines. Squirrels, Really. Anyway, a bit after I was driving with the wife of the district lineman of the area where the outage originated.
    She brought the subject up saying she knew I had an interest in UFO’s. She then swore me to secrecy as she feared for her husbands job.
    she then told me that as he was patrolling the lines on the night of the outage, he had seen a large UFO hovering over the sub-station with a beam of light going down. The outage occurred right after. He did not ever report this for fear of loosing his job. The truth was, they still didn’t know what caused the outage and the squirrel story was invented by management.

    As far as why we are not helped more, I think of the adage, God helps those who help themselves.

  11. So many stories like this.
    So many stories like this. UFOs over power lines. Why can’t we just relax, quit laughing nervously and being scared and start exploring this fascinating phenomenon? The basic reason, I think is, that the government can’t understand it and can’t control it and therefore spreads lies about it. What a shame!

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