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UK UFO researcher Paul Sinclair returns to Dreamland with a group of truly remarkable stories, most notably a recent incident in the small community of Wiltsthorpe. This extraordinary incident started just last May and is continuing. You will not often have heard a story like this, covering a complex new incident so thoroughly. Paul concentrates on just a small part of the UK, primarily part of Yorkshire. What is so interesting about Paul’s work and this show is that there appears to be a connection between his interest and the fact that the events keep developing. Or, as Whitley puts it, “are we looking at an extended operation that was taking place in this area at this time.”

It’s rare that a current, ongoing event can be described by a researcher as it is happening, especially one as careful and talented as Paul. Join the adventure this week on Dreamland!

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  1. Great show tonight!
    Great show tonight!

  2. The only unbelievable part of
    The only unbelievable part of this account is when the guest says “I’m skipping a few details.”

  3. Amazing show, thanks!

    Amazing show, thanks!

    And buying the audio book tonight. I’m so happy it’s out.

  4. Whitley and Paul Sinclair. I
    Whitley and Paul Sinclair. I am totally fascinated with this interview and am looking forward to the next interview with Paul. I have included a few CLIPS with subjects that got my attention. ALSO, WHAT ABOUT PORTALS?


    Published on Mar 10, 2016
    …….Owl’s alien language caught on video! Screech Owl call or song vocabulary is varied and amazingly complex, in six years recording Screech Owls in the nest box this is the first time I’ve seen the male and female communicate like this close together – to us it sounds like a couple of alien beings doing a data dump between them. Male and Female Eastern Screech Owls calling or “talking” to each other in the nest box. These “calls” are usually to low to be heard by humans at any distance, but because they are right next to the microphone we can hear them clearly. Owls are always fascinating, but what are they up to??

    …….I came here looking for aliens, and instead got a really cool science video. Not disappointed at all, but you should probably look into Mike Clelland’s work if you get any weird UFO type comments. (That’s actually how I found this- was searching for his stuff and instead got actual science.)

    UFO Sucks Up Water From Lake Gosford Australia 1994 Documentary

  5. I love listening to reports
    I love listening to reports like these…absolutely fascinating.

    Paul talking about a rectangular light reminded me of a couple of years ago when I was outside taking photos of Jupiter, just over the tree line. For some reason I looked straight up above me and immediately saw a bright rectangular flash of light, maybe half the size of my little finger nail at arms length. I continued to look but saw nothing after that. I suppose it could have been an Iridium satellite but the timing of it fascinated me.

    Anyway, Paul’s report of the couple who saw the large group of objects over the sea is enthralling. I wonder what the source of the words to “Have another look” was?

    I’m looking forward to hearing more from Paul and his Truth Proof books are now on my wishlist!

  6. I always get buoyed by Paul’s
    I always get buoyed by Paul’s enthusiasm for his experiences and research. In an age of caution and cynicism, he expresses it all so well, and hasn’t lost his sense of awe, and thank goodness for that!

    I have also seen a rectangular light in the sky, and in the moment that it occurred, I never thought ‘UFO’, but ‘portal’. What it really was, I have no clue, but portal was the first thing that came to me…

    Consciousness is begging us to come out and play.

  7. Whitley and Mike Clelland are
    Whitley and Mike Clelland are old friends and Mike has been on the show a number of times. To listen, go to advanced search on the upper right side of the masthead, click on Dreamland, input the search phrase Mike Clelland and you will find the shows. He’ll be on for his new book, too, for which Whitley wrote the foreword.

    A question to Carolee: Have you ever tried slowing down the screech owl recordings?

  8. I truly hope listeners found
    I truly hope listeners found my work interesting. I have to admit that the subject has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and it still never fails to surprise me. The Wilsthorpe incident is still developing and I am sure more information will come to light. I know for certain that another first hand witness contacted the coast guard, I just have to find them now.

    The locations I am writing about produce phenomena that is truly amazing. But having said that it can go for long periods of time without anything happening.

    Two of the accounts in the second book are from the same man, he has walked the affected area daily for over 20 years. In that time he only has two experiences to share.
    Paul Sinclair

  9. I do wonder whether the
    I do wonder whether the military microwave presence is somehow influencing, even expanding, the consciousness of the observers. I would love others to comment on this, and welcome Paul’s insights on this.

  10. Hi Whitley. Just saw a
    Hi Whitley. Just saw a preview of New World Documentary. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!
    Hoping total funding is realized soon by all your listeners and anyone else interested in the UFO movement. You are so appreciated and valued by so many sir, truly….

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