Dr Garry Nolan is an immunologist, researcher and inventor, and a professor at Stanford University of Medicine. He is best known within the close encounter community for his work researching the brain structure of experiencers.

In this breakthrough interview, he talks in depth for the first time about his own close encounter experiences and his startling discovery when he first saw the cover of Communion. Garry and Whitley discuss the reality of the UAP phenomenon, what our visitors may be, and above all, what we are learning about the eerie similarities Garry has found in the brains of close encounter witnesses, remote viewers, psychics, mediums and other people with unexplained or so-called ‘paranormal’ experiences.

PLEASE NOTE: The statement made by Whitley in this episode of Dreamland that their UFO special has been cancelled is not correct. It has been postponed.

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  1. I think I am correct in understanding that the pineal gland contains atrophied light detecting structures similar to that of the eye. If so could it be possible that this gland could be the source of ‘visual’ information received during remote viewing?

    1. SHERBET UFO, you said…….”I think I am correct in understanding that the pineal gland contains atrophied light detecting structures similar to that of the eye. If so could it be possible that this gland could be the source of ‘visual’ information received during remote viewing?”

      I feel you are well aware of the Pineal/Pinecone connection but thought I would post this for those who might not know.


      “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye is single, your whole body shall be full of light.”

      The Pineal Gland: A Mysterious Marvel:


      The Pineal Gland: A Mysterious Marvel – Edgar Cayce Health Care

      1. Thanks for the links Carollee!

        Fun fact (well, it’s all relative isn’t it?!): Did you know there is a pinecone / pineapple right at the top of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship trophy?

        Placed there, in plain sight, by some ‘illuminated’ designer, no doubt.

  2. A fascinating take on degrees of brain function from Dr Nolan. I’ll listen to this a couple of more times tomorrow at work.

  3. I found the comments by Gary regarding our tribal nature and the visitors perhaps waiting us out intriguing. Hopefully the best of humanity will surface. I think Whitley has suggested a more interactive presence from them as the ravages of climate change wear us done.

  4. excellent approach using science. Then again I wonder of those who claim pseudoscience as of late that the old imperial scientific method is just not replicable in these scenarios?

    I say keep the question open and gather hard and anecdotal evidence. A great show with a brilliant guest.

  5. I appreciated seeing Dr. Nolan’s Psycho Bunny polo shirt. I love that brand!

    And I agree with Whitley about the camaraderie among us. I attended the 2009 Dreamland Festival in Joshua Tree and still keep in touch with two of the people I met there.

  6. Great show, and I’d be very interested to know what he knows 😉

  7. Please, please, Whitley. Dare to bring a speaker onto your show who can talk intelligently about the part of human beings that (I KNOW) can connect with the side of us that really perceives. I know the brain receives the info that another part of us “collects.” I began to study out of body experiences in ’72 and became somewhat proficient in this skill. It was THEN that I saw and was able to speak WITH aliens. The brain is not “us”. The “astral body” IS! Most people I know who can do this ARE artists, musicians, etc. These skills are the connections, as Nolan said!! Stop worrying about science and talk about the important stuff….real connection!! Reptilians spoke with me more than once, I saw greys more than once, But it wasn’t while I was rattling around in my body or IN my “brain”!!

  8. Oh wow – I LOVE ❤️ that mainstream scientists are finally looking at visitor abductees/contactees (VAC). We may finally start getting some answers. I am forever grateful to people like Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon for breaking this out. Even if the answers don’t filter back to ABC/NBC/CBS, because they are still at ‘nuts and bolts’ stage, Dr. Nolan has moved way beyond that and eventually, the rest will get past the intro stages. It may give the VAC groups the answers we seek as to why we are the way we are. Hope is in the air, friends!
    For example – Why does every VAC that I know have nervous system issues of some kind? Why do most have chronic pain? Why are we all having end of days nightmares? Why are we all connected telepathically to each other and to the visitors? How are some of us proficient in “the clairs” (clairvoyance, clairsentience, et cet)? Why are we all haunted (literally!)? What are we used for? What are those busy little visitor bees up to? 🤔 Why do I feel like deep inside, we know?… So many questions…

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