The God Particle, Conscious Energy and YOU

April 28, 2011
William Henry has been doing research into the very latest discoveries about the god particle, and Whitley Strieber interviews him in this special--and VERY special edition of Revelations about the profound meaning of this discovery, and whether or not we are... continued


April 22, 2011
Jay Weidner believes that we landed on the moon, but he thinks that we were denied the right to see what actually happened there. He believes that legendary Hollywood filmmaker Stanley Kubrick created the images we saw from the moon,... continued

Who Hides Within Us

April 14, 2011
On June 10, 2009 the amazing Anthony Peake generate a huge audience for Revelations when he talked about what happens at and after the moment of death. "At the moment of death, the body generates a group of chemicals that... continued

Robert Bauval from Cairo: What Happens to the Antiquities?

April 7, 2011
William Henry talks to Robert Bauval from a hotel room in Egypt, where Robert is exploring changes in the Egyptian government, and how they might affect the future of the monuments and the magnificent artifacts stored in Egypt. Many members... continued

Will the ECETI Ranch be Forced to Close?

March 31, 2011
For nearly 25 years, the ECETI Ranch has been a place of pilgrimage for people wishing to observe extraordinary aerial phenomena and experience a closeness with the unknown that is unparalleled in the world. The ranch has always been an irritant... continued

David Icke

March 17, 2011
William Henry interviews David Icke, and the results are nothing short of astonishing. One ascending soul speaks to another. If you listen to nothing else on for the next year, listen to this. Powerful, insightful material about the process... continued

Is the Sun a Conscious Being?

March 10, 2011
Gregory Sams argues that the sun is conscious, and part of a conscious universe. On Revelations today he presents this remarkable hypothesis, and don't just dismiss it out of hand. Listen to him. As incredible as it may sound, he... continued

Space Weather and the Changing Human Mind

March 3, 2011
For years now, the sun has been acting strangely. A huge storm is unfolding on normally quiet Saturn. Our own weather is bizarrely out of kilter. And it all has to do with the sun, and the sun ALSO affects... continued

Egypt: the Future of the Secrets

February 23, 2011
Egypt expert Robert Bauval tells William Henry what is likely to happen to the precious ruins in Egypt, and discusses whether or not Islamist extremists are likely to destroy them if they gain power. And what is the future of... continued

Stargates Hidden in Plain Sight

February 18, 2011
Could there be stargates hidden in plain sight in our great cities? Before you dismiss this incredible idea, listen to William Henry's interview with Chad Stuemke, who has researched the matter deeply. He has talked to the creators of some... continued