The Daemon

June 10, 2009
"At the moment of death, the body generates a group of chemicals that causes consciousness to literally fall out of the physical world and outside of time." Anthony Peake has amassed evidence that we consist of two separate consciousnesses--everyday consciousness... continued

Secrets in Our Cities

June 3, 2009
William Henry is discovering MORE secrets in American cities. This country contains a hidden spiritual dimension that began with the founding fathers and has been continued by secret, probably Masonic inheritors of their knowledge. In this Revelations, he tells us... continued

The Sphinx Mystery

May 27, 2009
Robert Temple captivated Dreamlanders with his research on the Sirius Mystery, and now he's back with new discoveries about the Sphinx that are even more startling. Written with Olivia Temple, the Sphinx Mystery is a mind opening journey into truths... continued

Peter Levenda on the Illuminati–a Revelatory Show!

May 20, 2009
William Henry interviews author Peter Levenda on the truth about the Illuminati, and it's WILDLY DIFFERENT from what you might expect. Peter Levenda asks about the film Angels and Demons, "why is it necessary to invent stories about the Illuminati... continued

Angels and Demons

May 13, 2009
Simon Cox is the international bestselling author of "Cracking the Da Vinci Code", and here he weighs in on "Angels and Demons" in an absolutely stunning program. Listen first, then go to the movie, and you will see it in... continued

New Turin Shroud Discoveries

May 6, 2009
The missing years of the Shroud of Turin have been one of the great mysteries about it, and one of the reasons skeptics have used to claim that it's a Renaissance forgery . This week, William Henry's Revelations explores this... continued

Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac–Paranormal Experiences

April 29, 2009
Famed rocker Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac talks with William about his interest and involvement in the UFO phenomenon, the paranormal and his experiences as the Monroe Institute. A GREAT chance to learn about the hidden life and secret experiences... continued

Andrew Collins–the Latest on Cygnus

April 15, 2009
Cygnus X-3 is one of the most mysterious stars ever discovered, and Andrew Collins believes that the Cygnus constellation, and in particular this star, was known by the ancients and revered by them. But why? Andrew has been with the... continued