The Lady of the Cup

October 27, 2010
In this second edition of William Henry's exploration of the secrets of Rennes La Chateau with Patrice Chaplin, they discuss the breakthrough discoveries in Patrice's book "City of Secrets." She discovered that medieval cabalists were experimenting with opening of portals... continued

Rennes Le Chateau

October 20, 2010
You have never heard the mysteries of Rennes le Chateau revealed in this way before. Patrice Chaplin has spent a great deal of time doing research at Rennes le Chateau, and finds it to be a dark, disturbing place. But... continued

UFOs and Hollywood

October 13, 2010
Hollywood is involved in the extraterrestrial question, which is now considered a threat. Why is this? Why must they be considered dangerous? In the second week of Revelations Michael Salla event, William asks Michael if Hollywood is playing into the... continued

The ET Debate is Changing, Part One

October 6, 2010
The Vatican has announced that it will baptize aliens. The UN is allegedly going to appoint a contact person should aliens land (who immediately repudiated this). At a press conference last week, US Air Force personnel announced that UFOs are... continued

David Wilcock Week Two

September 22, 2010
Last week, David Wilcock and William Henry discussed the nature of life, human appearing aliens, and the reasons for synchronicities. This week, they go deep into the mystery of what is happening right now. We live in a period of... continued

David Wilcock Week One

September 15, 2010
David Wilcock says that life is part of the basic nature of the universe. He sees it as intrinsic and probably universal, not a random process that only happens rarely. We think of it as rare because we are at... continued

Sufi Mysticism

September 8, 2010
Reshad Feild is the author of the legendary book of Sufi mysticism "The Last Barrier" and one of the great Sufi mystics of our time. Here he talks to William Henry about the realities of Sufism and the inner nature... continued

Racing Toward Armageddon

September 1, 2010
Fundamentalist Christians and some Islamic extremists believe that the Battle of Armageddon will be triggered by an attack on Israel. Here, William Henry asks author Michael Baigent a crucial and frightening question: are extremist fundamentalists actually trying to cause such... continued

The Secret Room

August 25, 2010
William Henry and Mark Gray were allowed into an off-limits room in the in Library of Congress. They have been asked not to disclose all they saw in the room, but they are able to tell a significant part of... continued

Ancient Egyptian Technologies Part 2

August 18, 2010
Last week Chris Dunn fascinated Revelations listeners with the first part of this series on Egyptian technology. This week, he gets into some of the extraordinary proof that this amazing technology must have existed--because the effects of its use are... continued