Are Ancient Sites getting Re-Activated?

October 6, 2011
Why are so many modern cities located on ancient sacred sites? William Henry asks expert Hugh Newman the question: "Do these sites have special powers that attract us?" Listen as Hugh tells us about how some cities, like Bath in England, have special... continued

Looney Beliefs and REAL Secrets

September 29, 2011
The internet is packed with looney, unproven nonsense about the past, the future, UFOs, aliens, ghosts and practically anything else paranormal or unusual that you can name. But what's the REAL story? Listen as a skilled professional investigator tells William Henry about... continued

Atlantis, the Lost Labyrinth of Crete and the Mystery of Arcadia

September 22, 2011
Andrew Gough has added 'actor' to his list of accomplishments, and appears in the 2010 feature, 'the Stone.' But he is not only an actor and a magazine editor, Andy is one of the world's leading researchers into our lost... continued

Are We a Slave Species?

September 15, 2011
About 75,000 years ago, the fossil record reveals that there was a sudden and dramatic change in the human species. So what happened, and how were we changed--and, if it involved some sort of intervention, then by whom? South African... continued

The 911 Memorial: What does it Really Mean?

September 8, 2011
The new 911 Memorial is filled with hidden symbolism, and Scott Onstott tells us exactly what has been encoded in the memorial, and what this has to do with the deep nature of our freedom and the meaning of the... continued

The Elixir of Life and the Philosopher’s Stone–Available Now

August 25, 2011
Revelations will repeat Jay Weidner's extraordinary interview for a second week. DO NOT MISS getting the free alchemical text Jay says is the finest ever written. Download it from We can learn the deepest secrets of alchemy right now, and Jay Weidner... continued

Ancient Aliens

August 18, 2011
Giorgio Tsoukalos is the producer of the super-hit Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine. William Henry, who will be a guest on the show a number of times this fall, here interviews Giorgio... continued

The Pyramid Code

August 11, 2011
Dr. Carmen Boulter created the astonishing TV series the Pyramid Code, and has gotten some stunning photos of light phenomena in Egypt. Here she tells us about what she has found and experienced in Egypt recently, and it is powerful... continued

William’s New Discoveries in Europe

August 5, 2011
William Henry gave a presentation at Steve and Karen Alexander's Summer Lectures series in Crop Circle Country this year, and went to Westminster Abby and to Paris in search of the secrets of the anointing oil of ancient times that... continued

The Pathology of 2012 Millennialism

July 28, 2011
An amazing number of people expect that "something big" will happen on December 21, 2012. Odds are, this is an effect of millennialism, or the misplaced expectation that the world will end. Such predictions have been made regularly for thousands of years. That... continued