Questions about the Death of JFK, Jr.

September 2, 2009
Now that Teddy Kennedy has died, a great American political dynasty that was a generations-long irritant to the far right has ended. But if JFK Jr. had not died in a tragic air accident, that would not be true. Jim... continued

Ancient Egyptian Origins

August 19, 2009
One of the great unsolved mysteries of archaeology is the origin of the ancient Egyptians. How is it that some of the oldest artifacts, such as the Great Pyramid, are the best engineered? Robert Bauval has researched these questions and... continued

Comic Artists as Prophets

August 12, 2009
Could there be a connection between comic book heroes and real aliens, either unconscious or something created in the minds of comic book artists by the aliens themselves? Christopher Knowles points out many instances of comic artists being pop culture... continued

The Human Antenna and What It Can Do

August 8, 2009
Dr. Robin Kelly has combined science, traditional concepts of healing and his own extraordinary insights to evolve "the Human Antenna," and here he tells us just what it all means, and how we can literally remake ourselves as healthier, more... continued

Did we really go to the moon?

July 29, 2009
James Carville has called it 'the crazy test:' Ask a person if we landed on the moon. If he says 'no,' he's crazy. But we don't all agree, and Jay Weidner is among those who doesn't. He does not believe... continued

New William Henry Book

July 22, 2009
Dr. Mark Gray and William Henry tell about the new book they have written together, "Freedom's Gate," a stunner that blows the lid off the secrets that are hidden in the U.S. Capitol and are the true power behind the... continued

Secrets of Sacred Sites

July 15, 2009
Freddy Silva is one of the legends of sacred sciences research, and here he describes the amazing similarity between structure of crop formations and ancient sacred buildings. "Crop formations are sermons in wheat, as cathedrals are sermons in stone." In... continued

Ancient Secrets and the Nazis

July 8, 2009
Joseph Farrell is one of the world's leading authorities on the secrets of alchemy, and here he discusses the Philosopher's Stone, tracing its mysterious origin to the Tablets of Destiny and the possibility of an ancient cosmic war that involved... continued

Egypt’s Hall of Records

July 1, 2009
Mary Lomando is a Jungian Astrologer and Egyptologist who has been searching for the fabled Hall of Records beneath the Giza Plateau for many years. She is also co-director of William Henry's upcoming Stargate, Mysteries of Egypt tour in January... continued

Ezekiel’s Wheel and Secret Weapons

June 17, 2009
Jim Marrs holds forth on Ezekiel's Wheel, space-time, the way we perceive reality and the hidden truth about who came here in the past, where they came from, and how their hidden agenda drives the hidden agenda of OUR secret... continued