William Henry: Escape from a Revolution

February 3, 2011
WEDNESDAY, FEB 9: REVELATIONS IS ON HIATUS THIS WEEK. LAST WEEK: William and Claire Henry have returned from Egypt with a phenomenal firsthand account of what is happening in that country. You will NOT have heard anything remotely like this anywhere in... continued

The Revelation of the Magi and the Winged Serpents

January 27, 2011
Before William Henry left for Egypt, he did this guest spot on his own show, with Whitley Strieber acting as interviewer. He talks about his journey in search of the winged serpent on this journey. Incredibly, his new wife Claire's... continued

The Coming End of the 8th Underworld

January 20, 2011
According to Barbara Hand Clow, the major alignment of earth with the galactic center took place in 1998. This is what has caused the cascade of changes and the feeling of acceleration that has taken place since then. William Henry... continued

The 8th Underworld: Time to Make a Choice

January 13, 2011
This is day 7 of the 8th underworld and we are all standing before the throne of God right now, is the message of Barbara Hand Clow. Day 7 ends on October 11, 2011, and it is a time when... continued

The Origin of God

December 8, 2010
REVELATIONS IS ON HAITUS UNTIL JANUARY. In his last show of 2010, William Henry continues his stunning conversation with Edmund Marriage, touching on such matters as what, exactly was being done to human beings prior to the great catastrophe that enveloped our planet around... continued

The Shining Ones

December 2, 2010
Edmund Marriage has brought Christian O'Brien's classic, "The Shining Ones", back into print and in this interview with William Henry he discusses who they are and what they mean to us in our age. Edmund is the Principal of the Patrick... continued

Rock and Roll and the Paranormal

November 24, 2010
There is an incredible connection between rock and roll and ancient secrets, and Chris Knowles understands it. Ancient mythology and shamanism influenced modern rock to an unbelievable extent. Many rockers are shamen, and cults like vodoun and druidism, which are integrated... continued

Ancient Egyptian Ascension Wisdom

November 18, 2010
What are the "nine lenses" that Padma Aon Prakasha talked about last week? This week, he and William go through all nine of them, and we discover the secret relationship between the body, the soul, and the ascended world all... continued

Nine Eyes of Light

November 11, 2010
What is a fully functioning human being? William Henry asks "Nine Eyes of Light" author Padma Aon Parkasha this burning question and gets a surprising answer that, for one thing, suggests that we should go beyond the idea that there... continued

Get Enlightened–Change Your Brain

November 4, 2010
We cannot become enlightened if we don't have the brain to sustain it. Alberto Villoldo explains how to revise your nutrition to enable your brain to sustain enlightenment, and then how to use the energies all around us to return... continued