Jim Marrs and Time Travel

August 20, 2005
Jim Marrs hosts the most amazing time travel program you will ever hear. First, a mind-bender of an interview with famed UK anomalies researcher Jenny Randles on the fact that many prominent scientists now think that time travel is not... continued

Author of Pleiadian Agenda

August 13, 2005
The author of Catastrophobia, the Pleiadian Agenda and many others updates us on the actual state of oil reserves, based on her research, and what people who are involved in spiritual search can do to directly affect the coming changes.... continued

Authors Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx On 2012

August 6, 2005
As the years seem to race past faster and faster, more of us wonder every day if the 2012 prophecies mean anything. Now Belgian authors Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx say that they have decoded the Mayan and Egyptian prophecies,... continued

Linda Howe with Bentwaters Stunner

July 30, 2005
This week we lead off with a stunner of a report from Linda Howe that breaks one of the greatest UFO cases in history wide, wide open. Over 4 days in 1980 there were a series of UFO events near... continued

William Henry and David Goddard

July 23, 2005
This week on Dreamland, guest host William Henry takes us on an unforgettable journey into the secrets of Alchemy and Kabbalah with renowned teacher David Goddard. As Dreamland listeners know, our hosts are experts, and they know who is the... continued

Paul Smith Remote Viewing

July 16, 2005
There is no more effective or professional remote viewer in the world than Paul Smith, nor one with more impeccable credentials. We've all heard all sorts of wild stories about the remote viewing program, but rarely have we heard from... continued

Whitley Strieber and Jim Marrs: Secret Knowledge

July 9, 2005
From the Kennedy conspiracy to the UFO coverup to 911--Jim Marrs is at the cutting edge of secret knowledge, and Whitley Strieber's penetrating interview brings out explosive revelations that he has never revealed before. Then Linda talks to an EYEWITNESS... continued

Andrew Collins: Expanding on Wilhelm Reich

July 2, 2005
Andrew Collins has a unique view of alien abductions, crop circles and all paranormal phenomena. Drawing on the theories and experiments of Wilhelm Reich, he takes us on a journey you will never forget into a general theory of these... continued

William Henry and Freddy Silva

June 25, 2005
Freddy Silva is a remarkable man, and William Henry knows just how remarkable. This week, William interviews one of the few people in the world who really understands power places and how to use them. Then Linda Howe reports on... continued

David Ray Griffin: Why The Official Explanation of 9/11 is Wrong

June 18, 2005
Retired Claremont University theologian David Ray Griffin is not satisfied with the official explanations for the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001. His two books are the most powerful indictments of the government's 911 actions and explanations ever written.... continued