• Dancing in Joy with Dannion Brinkley
    December 27, 2008
    For our Christmas seasonal offering, Whitley Strieber and Dannion Brinkley get together to talk about heavy souls, light souls, resurrection and the importance of finding joy in our lives. They have been friends for a long time now, and you will not hear such an intimate, wonderful conversation between two such remarkable men anywhere else ...continued
  • Orbs: What are They?
    December 20, 2008
    Many Dreamlanders photograph orbs. At the Dreamland Festival, there were dozens of photographs of orbs taken, especially around Anne Strieber. But what are they? Some of us think of them as the spirits of the dead. Others believe that they?­re artifacts of the digital age-anomalies that appear in digital media. Since the Dreamland Festival, other ...continued
  • Ultimate Remote Viewing
    December 13, 2008
    Lynn Buchanan is one of the world’s great remote viewers, and he tells our resident psychic expert Marla Frees a story of seeing a beam of light that moved through time that you will never forget, that he considers the most extraordinary experience of his life. Then they go on to talk about how remote ...continued
  • He Held the Roswell Debris in His Hands
    December 6, 2008
    Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. is one of the few people in the public eye who has ever handled alien material with his own hands. He saw and held in his hands the material his father, Col. Jesse Marcel, brought back from the Roswell crash site in 1947. Listen to his enthralling story, including NEW information ...continued
  • Egypt Lasted 3,000 Years. What about US?
    November 29, 2008
    Robert Bauval knows the deepest, most hidden and most important secrets of ancient Egypt, and in this startling, breakthrough interview, William Henry finds out just why ancient Egyptian civilization lasted three thousand years, AND why the past two thousand years have been such a time of turmoil and chaos, from the fall of the Roman ...continued
  • Paranormal Revolution
    November 22, 2008
    Some of us believe in it. Some of us do not. And now Dr. Robert Schoch asks the question, is there ANY scientific evidence that it is real? He has undertaken a very large scale study of the paranormal, and this week on Dreamland, William Henry asks him what he has found. Then Linda Howe ...continued
  • Morphing into a Light Body
    November 15, 2008
    Whitley Strieber says, I’ve been waiting ever since the day I opened his first book for William Henry to reach this point in his development. What he has done with his new presentation Morph is to demonstrate just what the ancients did to achieve enlightenment. In this interview, he tells us what enlightenment meant to ...continued
  • UFOs and ICBMs
    November 8, 2008
    Robert Salas tells one of the most powerful and incredible UFO stories ever heard, and he can prove every word of it. Back during the cold war, you could not do anything more calculated to frighten the United States Government than destroy its ability to launch its Minuteman missiles. And yet, that’s exactly what happened ...continued
    November 1, 2008
    Bert Janssen is one of the most remarkable of crop circle researchers because he is both a mathematical expert and a meditator, scientist and shaman both. By using both sides of his brain, he has made true breakthroughs in understanding, communicating with and using the energy of crop circles. And DO NOT MISS LINDA HOWE ...continued
  • The Rise of the 4th Reich
    October 25, 2008
    The Rise of the Fourth Reich is the latest book by Dreamland’s conspiracy expert, Jim Marrs. But when the expert writes a book, who does the interview? Our solution could not be more obvious: Sinister Forces author Peter Levenda! Listen as Peter grills Jim about the possibility that, while the Germans lost World War II, ...continued
  • Economic Info You Need Now
    October 18, 2008
    Every January, Dreamland?­s resident prophet John Hogue comes on the show and prophesies for the new year, and every July??usually??we have him back on and hold his feet to the fire. This year we waited, because so many of his prophecies appeared to be coming true??and, indeed, it was worth the wait. So get set ...continued
  • In Constant UFO Contact
    October 11, 2008
    In July, William Henry visited the famed ranch of James Gilliland, and now he interviews James about what happens there. James tells about how it all started with a near death experience, and then seeing ships, and then with an incredible experience of experiencing three golden orbs strike his chest, which was followed by an ...continued
  • Soul Connections with Animals
    October 4, 2008
    Dreamland’s resident psychic medium Marla Frees has had some truly mind-bending encounters with animal spirits, including some that belong to her own beloved pets. So she’s the perfect interviewer for Dawn Baumann Brunke, the author of Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions, a highly unusual and profound exploration of the deep and largely unexplored spiritual connection ...continued
  • 1952 UFO Battle
    September 27, 2008
    This is one very special Dreamland, among those completely unforgettable shows that have come along with surprising regularity since Whitley Strieber has been hosting Dreamland. He interviews Frank Feschino, author of ??Shoot them Down: the Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952,?? and it is as brain-exploding a UFO story as has ever been told. This ...continued
  • The MJ 12 Papers, Explosive New Information
    September 20, 2008
    Linda Moulton Howe interview Robert Wood, who, with his son Ryan, has spent many years studying leaked government documents relating to the UFO phenomenon and alien contact. Over the course of this interview, there is discussion of John F. Kennedy?­s desire, stated in one of the leaked memos in 1962, to reveal to the Russians ...continued
  • Near Death Experiences–What Happens When You Come Back?
    September 13, 2008
    Dreamland favorite PMH Atwater joins our resident psychic medium Marla Frees for an enriching and informative discussion of what happens in the months and years AFTER a person returns from a near death experience. Then Linda Howe interviews a drone witness who had the most vivid and closest encounter ever…and the most disturbing. PMH Atwater has ...continued
  • Alex Jones
    September 6, 2008
    This week, Jim Marrs interviews controversial talk show host Alex Jones of Infowars.com. The primary theme is our loss of freedom due to the invasion of privacy, but the conversations ranges from 911 across a broad spectrum of questions, from globalization to the attack of the bureaucracies on our privacy. Linda Howe has two reports: ...continued
  • The Hermetic Code in DNA
    August 30, 2008
    This week, William Henry interviews Michael Hayes about the relationship between numerical patterns embedded in ancient philosophies, and their startling relationship to the DNA code. Either the ancients knew far more about the secrets of the human body than we have supposed, or some deep and unsuspected instinct caused them to create their works around ...continued
  • A Pilot Looks at 911
    August 23, 2008
    This week Whitley Strieber asks long time airline pilot Phillip Marshall about why it was that scantily trained terrorists could have executed the highly skilled flight maneuvers that were needed to bring of the 911 attacks–and you’d better be sitting down when you hear his expert opinion. You will listen to every word as Phillip ...continued
  • 2013: What Happens AFTER 2012?
    August 16, 2008
    Endless floods, droughts and storms are causing food shortages worldwide. Energy prices are going wild. Political unrest is building. The sun remains inexplicably quiet long after the new solar max should have begun. Massive UFO waves are taking place across the US, Canada, Britain and Australia. Strange animals are being seen all across the United ...continued
  • Incredible Experiences
    August 9, 2008
    A few days ago, Anne Strieber received identical emails from Dreamland expert hosts William Henry and Marla Frees. Both of them had extraordinary experiences–different, but each in its own way incredible. continued
  • The Continuing Menace of Nazi Secret Research
    August 2, 2008
    Dreamland favorite Joseph Farrell is back, this time revealing secrets about concealed Nazi advances in physics to our resident expert on official secrecy, Jim Marrs. This interview contains information about temporal displacements, the truth about the Philadelphia Experiment, and the shocking advances that were obtained from Nazi leaders after WWII ended, and how they have ...continued
  • A Mind for Murder
    July 26, 2008
    This week–and ONLY on Dreamland–an expert psychic who has worked successfully with the police will interview the greatest of all such experts, Noreen Renier, about her fascinating new book, A Mind for Murder. Noreen tells Marla Frees her incredible story, and we get treated to some of the most amazing stories of psychic power over ...continued
  • Andrew Collins in Egypt
    July 19, 2008
    Andrew Collins’s report about the ancient importance of the constellation Cygnus led to the “Cygnus Meditation” and has become one of our most listened-to archival Dreamlands. Now, not only is Cygnus X-3 emitting a powerful stream of material toward Earth, just as Andrew predicted, he’s back with us to talk about ancient beliefs that emissions ...continued
  • Masters of Mind Control
    July 12, 2008
    Jim Marrs, Dreamland’s resident master of conspiracy, interviews the master of mind control about HAARP, the weather and the human mind. is the son of Congressman Nick Begich, Sr., who disappeared along with House Majority Leader Hale Boggs on a flight from Anchorage to Juneau in October of 1972–shortly after Boggs had become the ...continued
  • American Symbols and Their Secrets
    July 5, 2008
    Bob Hieronimus of 21st Century Radio is, among many other things, one of the greatest scholars of the mysterious symbols that identify our great country. And today he’s with us to tell us about the hidden meaning of everything from the eye on the pyramid on the dollar bill to why the eagle on the ...continued
  • Science and UFOs
    June 28, 2008
    It’s a stunning occasion when the author of the legendary Alien Agenda interviews grand master UFO researcher Stanton Friedman for the first time. And not only that, they BOTH have new books out! Then Linda Howe and Nick Pope bring us up to date on the incredible NEW UFO events happening in England. To go ...continued
  • Peter Levenda
    June 21, 2008
    Peter Levenda enthralled, fascinated and disturbed us with his incredible Sinister Forces series, which chronicled the influence of the occult in world affairs. Now he’s back with a new book, Stairway to Heaven which is about the WHY of the occult. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Well, it turns out that it’s, basically, inner power ...continued
  • David Ray Griffin
    June 14, 2008
    This week, we present a searing interview of David Ray Griffin. Whitley Strieber asks the hard questions, and gets the devastating answers about what really happened on 9/11. Much of this material is new and it is deeply shocking. Then Linda Howe talks about what is probably the most incredible crop circle ever created, the ...continued
  • Marla Frees with Sonia Choquette
    June 7, 2008
    The author of “Trust Your Vibes” is interviewed by Dreamland’s resident expert, psychic medium, Marla Frees, about intuitive living. Then Linda Howe’s guest gives us what ranks as one of the best UFO witness descriptions ever. DO NOT MISS IT! Listen to this beautiful interview of a great wisdom keeper and teacher by a student ...continued
  • Heal the World
    May 31, 2008
    Gregg Braden is one of Dreamland’s most popular-ever guests. The Divine Matrix and the God Code were two very powerful program. Now he’s back with the Spontaneous Healing of Belief, and saying that it’s possible for us to change reality itself from within our own beings. (Meditation Group, listen up.) Then Linda Howe reports on ...continued
  • Conscious Creation of Your Life
    May 24, 2008
    This week our resident psychic medium Marla Frees talks to the remarkable Jackie Lapin about our word’s onrushing fate and how we can live the best possible lives despite the fact that everything is falling apart around us. Then Linda Howe returns to the cattle mutilation frontier and a refusal of the authorities to help ...continued
  • Mystery of the Crystal Skulls
    May 17, 2008
    After many a long year adventuring in the wilds, Indiana Jones is back to challenge the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and this week on Dreamland, we ask two leading experts, WHAT’S THE TRUTH ABOUT CRYSTAL SKULLS?? Don’t miss a single minute of this great program as Anne Strieber explores the fantastic story of the ...continued
  • Michio Kaku
    May 10, 2008
    Alex Jones was unable to do his interview with Jim Marrs for Dreamland this week, so instead we get to listen to Whitley Strieber have a terrific discussion with one of the leading physicists of our era and a leading favorite on Coast to Coast and Dream–Michio Kaku. What’s so exciting about this is ...continued
  • Timothy Good
    May 3, 2008
    Two powerful UFO stories combine to make this one very exciting weekend on Dreamland. Linda Howe has a report about a strange event that took place in Alabama a few nights ago that appears to have involved a UFO crash. She has an eyewitness to the event, which could turn out to be one of ...continued
  • Ultimate OBE
    April 26, 2008
    Franceen King and Whitley Strieber started their out-of-body work together at the Monroe Institute. Twenty years ago, Franceen ran her first Monroe Institute Gateway, which was also Whitley’s first Gateway experience. Listen as William Henry interviews Franceen King about her years with the Monroe Institute, her wonderful personal experiences with all forms of OBE-related work, ...continued
  • Templar Secrets
    April 19, 2008
    Karen Ralls is a hidden but extraordinary expert on the Knights Templars. Listen to this remarkable interview as William Henry uses his own expert knowledge of the mysterious Templars to get deeply into their secrets with Karen. Then Linda Moulton Howe offers a series of news updates on grain seed shortages,biofuel backfires, increasing hunger in ...continued
  • Laurence Gardner
    April 12, 2008
    The legendary Laurence Gardner is back with us this weekend, on the trail of the Holy Grail as only he can do it. The discoverer of White Powder Gold has attained the status of a living legend, and his latest adventure only confirms it. Then Linda Howe revisits a subject many of you have been ...continued
  • Marla Frees & Richard Bartlett, Linda Howe Drone update
    April 5, 2008
    First, Linda is back with another drones witness, this one located by detectives Frankie Dixon and T.K. Davis, who are working for an undisclosed European client. Then we follow up the amazing story that meditation actually CHANGES THE BRAIN with William Henry’s interview of Ilonka Harezi, who tells us about the relationship between our existence ...continued
  • Triumph of the Sea Gods
    March 29, 2008
    Legendary author of “The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar” Steven Sora is back on Dreamland, this time with William Henry, to tell us about how Homer’s tales of the Iliad and the Odyssey are actually adaptations of ancient Celtic stories of wars between Atlantean city-states. Then Linda Howe interviews the scientist who is studying ...continued
  • Marla Frees & Richard Bartlett, Linda Howe Drone update
    March 22, 2008
    First, Whitley Strieber interviews Linda Howe on the raging drones controversy, then Dreamland’s expert on matters spiritual, psychic medium Marla Frees talks with Richard Bartlett about his concept of Matrix Energetics. Marla has personally participated in one of his workshops and will report on the effects of his program, which is based on fundamental principles ...continued
  • Vodou!
    March 15, 2008
    This week Whitley Strieber takes us on a fascinating adventure into the unknown realm of Vodou. We are guided by Kenaz Filan, an initiate of the Societe la Belle Venus and the author of the Haitian Vodou Handbook, who explains Vodou ritual and tells us about his experiences with the Vodou lwa, or spirits honored ...continued
  • Edgar Mitchell: The Way of the Explorer
    March 8, 2008
    Dr. Edgar Mitchell in one of his most moving and revealing interviews ever! Did you know that he grew up in Roswell, New Mexico? He speaks with total candor about his knowledge of the Roswell Incident, and about the issue of alien presence in general. His discussion of his new book, the Way of the ...continued
  • Jay Weidner on 2012
    March 1, 2008
    The author of the amazing “Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye,” returns with a take on 2012 so clear, so down-to-earth and yet so amazing that it finally all begins to make sense. This week, also Linda Howe reports on the mysterious bat deaths that are frightening scientists.{.} Listen as William Henry, as ...continued
  • Multiple Witness Abduction
    February 23, 2008
    From the day it happened, the Corina Saebels case has been one of the most convincing of all UFO abduction cases. It happened during a UFO wave that the victims were not aware of while it was taking place. There were two victims, both conscious at the time of the abduction. Afterward, there were medical ...continued
  • Rock and Roll Stars and UFOs
    February 16, 2008
    For years, there have been rumors that the rock and roll community has had a special relationship with UFOs. Of course, people would laugh, and with LSDs and DMTs and you name it. But there’s a very fascinating reality behind all the stories–it is that they’re true, and Michael Luckman, the director of the ...continued
  • Dr. John Lerma on Transitioning to the Afterlife
    February 9, 2008
    In 1997, Dr. John Lerma attempted the removal of Whitley Strieber’s implant, but his incredible career goes far beyond minor surgery. Dr. Lerma is a leading practitioner of palliative care and has helped many patients in their transition from this live. He is interviewed this week by Dreamland’s new resident psychic medium Marla Frees, ...continued
  • UFO Coverups Then and Now
    February 2, 2008
    Linda Howe is in Stephenville and Dublin, Texas and will be leading off Dreamland with a SHOCKING direct-from-the-scene report. Then Jim Marrs, author of the towering Alien Agenda, will interview Don Schmitt about Roswell and his new book Witness to Roswell. These two experts will break new ground on this years long coverup. Go ...continued
  • Cosmic War in the Past
    January 26, 2008
    There is ample evidence across our solar system of cataclysmic events in the past. Joseph Farrell, who has fascinated Dreamland audiences with his research into Nazi secret weapons, returns with a riveting hypothesis: the remains of ancient disasters that scar earth and the rest of our solar system may be the results of cosmic war, ...continued
  • John Hogue’s 2008 Prophecies
    January 19, 2008
    DREAMLAND SPECIAL: We begin with Linda Howe’s exclusive interview with the only witness to the Stephensville UFO who saw it in daylight. Then John Hogue joins us for his spectacular 2008 prophecy show. His website is www.hogueprophecy.com. NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links. continued
  • Monster Hunter Nick Redfern
    January 12, 2008
    Nick Redfern has spent the last five years in search of cryptid creatures the world over. If you have ever watched Monster Quest on the History Channel, you will be enthralled by Nick’s up close and personal stories of these creatures, in this great interview with Dreamland guest host Jim Marrs. Then Linda Howe reports ...continued
  • Is Healing Real?
    January 5, 2008
    Dr. Gary Schwartz is back on Dreamland with some remarkable new research on healing, and Anne Strieber asks him the question: is it real? Then we reprise one of Linda Howe’s classic interviews with a drone eyewitness. Linda will return from vacation next week. After his powerful research into the afterlife and existence of God, ...continued