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This is one very special Dreamland, among those completely unforgettable shows that have come along with surprising regularity since Whitley Strieber has been hosting Dreamland. He interviews Frank Feschino, author of ??Shoot them Down: the Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952,?? and it is as brain-exploding a UFO story as has ever been told. This brilliant researcher has nailed down the FACT that there were shoot-to-kill orders issued by President Truman in 1952, with the result that both UFOs and US fighter jets were destroyed over the United States in large numbers at that time. Whitley Strieber ends the program with a dedication to the nearly 100 pilots who are known to have died??and to those on the other side, who gave their own lives far from home, in an effort to make contact with the human species. Frank Feschino?­s website is And it was NOT a monster, it was a mechanical device, probably an escape capsule from a downed UFO.

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