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A few days ago, Anne Strieber received identical emails from Dreamland expert hosts William Henry and Marla Frees. Both of them had extraordinary experiences–different, but each in its own way incredible.

First, William Henry: “I had a phenomenal experience July 4 at the Contact Has Begun conference at James Gilliland’s ranch in Trout Lake, WA. I actually saw an example of the craft and other phenomenon he talks about in his DVD, Contact Has Begun. Miceal Ledwith (of What the Bleep Do We Know fame), James and I had a chance to talk about orbs and wormholes. Pretty fascinating conversation. It’s got me paying more attention to orbs.” (Which is why we’re illustrating this week’s Dreamland with a shot of Anne Strieber and two of her orbs from the Dreamland Festival. She was loaded with them!)

Then, Marla Frees and her visit to “Max,” the crystal skull when he was in Los Angeles. What is so amazing about this is that she got a psychic message from him that she would soon be taking a trip to British Columbia. What she WON’T KNOW until she reads this is that she has been selected to host a segment of a documentary being filmed in British Columbia, and will indeed be visiting there in a few weeks.

Then Linda Moulton Howe reports on that perchlorate in the soils of Mars. Is it for real, or is NASA hiding something?

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