This UFO, taped on December 19 in Costa Rica, appears similar to one that was taped there in 2016, and has been recorded in other places in the world from time to time as well. Regarding the 2016 object, one of our video experts comments, “I see no clear evidence of fakery apart from the lack of any information about exactly where the video was made and who made it, and the unexplained conversion from high definition to low, which could hide a suspension thread. I’d give this one a 5 out of 10.”

His comment on the 2019 video is “This one looks legit on two grounds: The images and video seem clean, and the object is asymmetrical — a bit snub-nosed. Not your standard-issue “cliché” saucer. There’s no way to tell its actual size, but my wild guess would be that it’s roughly between the size of an SUV and a delivery van.
Whether it’s a genune “extraneo” or a drone dressed up to look like a UFO I can’t say. When a drone changes direction it has to lean in that direction, and there is some slight suggestion of that… but I can’t be sure in this case, and that doesn’t rule out a genuine UFO. Also, a drone of that size (if my estimate is correct) would be pretty loud …though its noise would probably be masked by the traffic noise. The object was apparently in sight long enough for a number of people to notice it and pull over for a better view. So I’ll give this one 9 out of 10!”

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