This video was shot by an Unknowncountry user on the night of March 10, 2020 in his hometown of Springfield, Oregon. The sky was clear at the time, with some high broken cloud. The lights appeared the size of a dime to the naked eye, but do not seem as large in the video. There is not enough video information to provide analysis, but given that the individual who submitted it has been active on this website for years, we assume the accuracy of his description of what he saw:

“There were three reddish orange lights that were slowing moving.  They came closer together then one dimmed out.  The other two began slowly separating from each other.  I began recording the video at this point. The lights then both dimmed out by the end of the video.  In the video, the planet Venus is the bright light to the lower left of the lights.  They weren’t pinpoints of light like stars or planets, but were larger in diameter, not quite as big as a dime held at arm’s length.  I could not tell how far away they were.  At the time, it was mostly clear and no there was no wind.  The video was taken at 8:45 pm.”

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  1. Orange lights must be among the most commonly observed UAPs. I saw a couple over Hilo a few years back. Anybody have any idea of what they are or who they belong to? Has anybody shown them to be responsive to signaling or directed attention?

  2. I sometimes wonder if a pair of lights create/manifest a third light, like parents creating a child.

    Thinking back to the picture of the Gnome in the woods taken by a trailcam years ago, you can just about see two or maybe three orbs arranged in a geometric pattern.

    Considering the Gnome’s ‘hat’ from a different perspective for a moment, it could be seen to be almost an ectoplasmic funnel, down which the denser experiential ‘body’ of the Gnome can be enjoyed by the orbs.

    I’ve always felt that the Gnome picture was a gift. It hints at the power of conscious projection accessible by some orbs.


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