This video features sounds recorded in the 1970s by Ron Morehead in the forest north of Yosemite. The sounds are almost certainly authentic.  They were featured in a documentary that has been pulled due to a copyright claim. These are the same sounds. Not an Unknowncountry subscriber? Don’t miss out on this great website. To explore our options, click here.

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  1. Awesome… but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable in the woods at night listening to that.

  2. Yes, very provocative audio captured here. More typically when hiking in ‘Squatchy’ areas, one might here wood knocks, rock clacking, or more rarely, a loud single ‘whoop’ (unlike owls which tend to hoot several times). On just a handful of occasions out of hundreds of times going into such areas, I’ve been close enough and lucky enough to hear ‘them’ seemingly talking to each other, which sounds like human mumbling, similar to some of these Sierra Sounds. I find these sounds hypnotic, and rather than making me afraid, they tend to put me strangely at ease. The woods are scarier when there are no animal, insect or bird sounds!

  3. The person who recorded this was featured in David Paulides’ latest documentary, The Hunted. I highly recommend viewing it. Other bizarre, unexplainable things occurred there at their campsite over the years. Very, very creepy. If I had experienced just one of of those, I would have packed up immediately and left!

  4. Yes I saw the Missing 411, The Hunted film, about hunters disappearing in very odd circumstances. Very eerie sounds. Interestingly, a massive forest fire hit near there but didn’t touch their camping area. Coincidence?

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