This is not a drone and it doesn’t look at all like a balloon. It does seem to be floating like one, though. It is not a video effect or a lens flare.

One of our experts weighs in, reflecting the group’s consensus: This thing bobs in the wind like a balloon. The glow seems to be a sun reflection. Apart from that, it’s kind of spooky. Could be a very thin, plastic weather balloon or similar, partially deflated and wrapping around itself. Hard to say whether the shape-shifting is anomalous or just a complex set of sun reflections from a crumpled object. With no source information available, it’s a crapshoot at best.

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  1. Author

    It wouldn’t have been posted if it was that easy to dismiss. Obviously. What happens to it toward the end of the video is what makes it so odd.

  2. No location, no direction camera looking in, no landscape evident (no proof bird songs weren’t laid in later), no time of day, no date, no observations about the weather. I suspect it is a balloon-type advertisement that came unteathered in the wind(? any wind?). It eventually landed somewhere that is not featured in the video (of course). Researchers have to rule out the obvious in order to begin exploring the fascinating. I don’t want to “believe” — I want to *know!*

  3. The very first image in this clip showing the object from a distance looks very much like the shape of an object I saw on June 23 at 3:00 pm outside the municipal complex of Concord, NH. It was, I would guess about 1000 ft up and the same distance down range from me. The object seemed rather small and I could not make out any detail. The object at first was stationery but then moved in a wide arc and then darted around as if it were being blown by wind. It then drifted off to the southeast. It may have been some sort of strange balloon but I’m not sure at all. The object in this clip looks like it may have some sort of broken lead connected to it. Where and when did this sighting occur?

  4. There was a sad child that day….sorry but that has to be a mylar balloon. If it suddenly shot out of frame , blinked out of this reality , then maybe.

  5. Hi, Thank you for posting this Whitley, This is the reply I gave to Debby, one of your readers.

    I was in a park in NJ, looking Northeast, the landscape is near the Hackensack River, light winds, some chemtrails. Not sure where it landed. I have sometimes sent video links to Whitley over the years. He knows about the range of bizarre manifestations these beings are capable of including adaptive camouflage. I suspect the tether is bioelectric. You can see the tether flashing in this video – , and here is a video showing the genesis of what appears as a balloon –

  6. Looked to me like a guy in a business suit holding dog at first. Then looked flat and shiny as it bobbed in the wind. I too think it’s a balloon. Near the end you could see a string dangling. Either balloon or kite. I’ve seen escaped Mylar balloons before and they do look to be like some UFO floating in the air. This is definitely an interesting and remarkable capture. Something you don’t see every day.

  7. Near the end you can see what looks like a tether or line coming off of it. Plus there’s nothing else in view to give any size perspective so… I believe in Lots of strange things but I think this is something normal…

  8. I noticed what appeared to me to be a “string” or tether that had broken loose from…something. Whatever the object is, it’s not moving “purposefully”. From its actions – especially turning as it did – I’d say it was free-floating and not under “intelligent control” but blown about by high air currents. It does have some characteristics of a “weather balloon” but it could also serve another purpose such as new form of surveillance? Just ruminating on possibilities…

  9. Author

    People are so certain they know what it is. I have wondered if there might be living creatures in our atmosphere that we only notice very rarely, perhaps when something is wrong with them. But, as the Out There editor says, it looks like a balloon. Still, it’s an unusual form and there are some characteristics that suggest it isn’t a balloon.

  10. that is the purpose of this section; speculation and possible input from persons who may know. keep posting them. if nothing else, it breaks up the day. 🙂

  11. Fascinating. I often wonder if two or more orb-like sentiences can project an apparent physical object in a display or demonstration of some kind.

    Think back to the Gnome walking in the woods that Mrs Howe discussed. The Gnome could be interpreted as a projection/manifestation downwards from its ‘head’, almost like an ectoplasmic manifestion.

    Are demonstrations a reminder to the observant that we’re embedded in a much larger world as Mr Strieber has suggested?

    Perhaps other sentiences occaisionally manifest a denser form to briefly experience physical sensation in this denser realm, for purposes unknown.

    What if they choose to regularly exercise their attention in order to off-set ‘forgetting themselves’? A psychic workout, if you will?

    One can just about imagine that being lost in bliss may be somewhat of an issue for dematerialised/liberated consciousness free of the exigencies of physical existence..

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