This is not a drone and it doesn’t look at all like a balloon. It does seem to be floating like one, though. It is not a video effect or a lens flare. One of our experts weighs in, reflecting the group’s consensus: This thing bobs in the wind likeread more

 We found this video, originally posted on Instagram by UFOlogiaa, on the UFOSightingsFootage.Uk site. This was taken by an automatic camera, probably part of the targeting system of a military aircraft. Video of this precise sort of object has been taken a number of times and authenticated by our professional video analysts. We rate this A.

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A powerful new software program in the field of diminished reality is capable of removing anything from a video–even a live video. Develeoped at the University of Ilumenau in Germany, the software has a vast range of potential applications. News media could use it to remove unwanted individuals or objects from their stories. Governments could use it to minimize the appearances of tragedies. Hoaxers could use it to remove wires and other evidence of their hoaxes.
read more presents another wonderful animation: “The Race” by Eric Black. This time, the competition between the rabbit and the turtle gets rudely interrupted. To watch a futuristic twist on the old fable,click here. To take a quick trip through the 20th century with Xeth Feinberg’s “Bulbo”,click here.

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