This 2014 video from the Chilean government has been extensively analyzed and reported on in the media. However, what hasn’t happened is the release of information about any attempt to analyze the emission from the object. In addition, there is one clip from below that appears to show something above the object, like a helicopter wing.

So, what is this? It appears to be closer to something manmade than most genuine UFO video. It makes us wonder about the reality of the breakaway civilization that Richard Dolan’s research suggests may exist.

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YouTube: Chilean Navy Video
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  1. This is an interesting one.

    When the object is zoomed in on, early in the vid, there is a curious bumb to the top right, which makes it look like half a Chinook helicopter… the other interesting bit is that there are four dark shadows around the object, which look very similar to how helecopter blades can appear, when rotating at speed. But if that were true, this ‘helecopter’ would have it’s blades rotating to its side, rather than above… which just doesn’t make sense. The only time I have seen anything similar was in a video of a UFO near Groom Lake, where ghost images of the craft were moving around it in flight, in a sewing-like motion. I assumed at the time, that this optical lensing phenomenon was related to some kind of gravity propulsion system… a similar effect that is seen around a black hole, lensing galaxies behind it.

    In the latest newsletter there was also mention that the ‘helicopter’ object was not visible on radar… that doesn’t surprise me… as 20 years ago I read a patent from the US Air Force, that described how that could be done… and assuming I understood it correctly…pretty easily at that. I won’t go into details, except to say it involved creating a thin plasma layer over a surface. The interesting thing is that this radar invisibility was only a bi-product of the plasma layer…and not the main reason for the patent.

  2. Regarding the emissions from the object… who knows?… but it reminds me of Jacques Vallée talking about a witness he interviewed, who saw a trail of something sloughing off a UFO…I think some of that material was passed to Jacques, who subsequently got it analysed.. I could be getting my stories mixed up but I think that is what happened.

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