James Tunney is a searcher and an evangelist for a new approach to life, the spirit and the mystical world.  In this powerful interview, he shares with Mia and with us his thoughts about how we can escape from the death spiral that is the modern technological world.

He has written two books on mystical consciousness, the most recent being The Mystery of the Trapped Light: Mystical Thoughts in the Dark Age of Scientism. He is currently a Professional Member of the Galileo Commission. His chief concern is to promote individual spiritual evolution and to warn against collectivism and the technological straitjacket.  He is also a novelist.

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James Tunney comes from Dublin and studied law at Trinity before qualifying as a barrister through The King’s Inn and also engaging in postgraduate study at Queen Mary College, University of London. He taught English to all ages and painted in Spain before going back to teach law in Scotland for many years at two universities. He established innovative modules and degree programs, teaching and publishing on subjects such as EU, IP, Communications Technology, Antitrust, World Trade and Indigenous Rights. As well as being a lecturer, senior lecturer and Visiting Professor, he was a member, Director or advisor of a number of professional bodies, nationally and internationally. He also worked as a legal consultant for international bodies such as the UNDP, to propose legislation to governments in Africa and elsewhere, and talked in many countries, as well as giving high level seminars in places like China. Then he left the academic and legal world entirely to solely concentrate on artistic and spiritual pursuits. He has exhibited mainly in Sweden, Norway and the UK and his paintings are in private collections as far afield as New Zealand.

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  1. Think about those ridiculously huge prices for ridiculous “art” : what a clever money-laundering scheme for elites.

  2. 22 minutes in and the host has not been able to ask a question. This man talks non-stop.

    1. Hello DYLANSDAD!

      I hope all is well in your world.

      When I first heard James speak in an interview with Jeffrey Mishlove I could not hear enough of him. I listened to four of his interviews in a row. He did not need any prompting from me to cover the points he wanted to make and my response was simply to let him run with it. When I had a punctuation mark to contribute I chimed in.

      I hope you found his talk useful and informative and that you listened to the end.

      Thank you!

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