James Tunney is a searcher and an evangelist for a new approach to life, the spirit and the mystical world.  In this powerful interview, he shares with Mia and with us his thoughts about how we can escape from the death spiral that is the modern technological world. He hasread more

Today, we are joined by visionary and author, Lisa Hays. An Indiana lawyer and lobbyist by day, and Indiana Jones by night, Lisa has been on an extraordinary mystical quest that has resulted in her book Life is a Mystical Opportunity: My 3 Year Journey

Lisa attended the Revelations Symposium in Nashville in May where we met. Then, she visited me here to take my tour of secret, sacred Nashville. We’ll discuss her reflections on Nashville as a portal to Shambahalla and other subjects, including her “Dreams For Society” project, a website she has created for everyone to share their dreams for society and in particular to interview politicians, civic leaders and other mystical scientists such as yourself about their Dreams for society.
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Reshad Feild is the author of the legendary book of Sufi mysticism “The Last Barrier” and one of the great Sufi mystics of our time. Here he talks to William Henry about the realities of Sufism and the inner nature of the Sufi journey in modern times.

He speaks beautifully about the process of remembrance and the importance of living without labels.

Reshad’s website it ChaliceaLivingSchool.

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