Peter Champoux attributes the knowledge he brings to fore the result of consciously splitting rock into stone in a 25 year career as a classical stone mason. Working the rock of Massachusetts he saw the angle in rock fracture matched its river confluence angle and concluded that like flowers et al the earth’s lithosphere must also express in the sacred cannons of geometry used in cathedral design to which a corresponding geometry was found in the triangulation of mounts: Mansfield, Washington, and Ascutney; pointing to the center of North America in Shelburne Falls, MA via Chester VT. He has worked with this matrix with poet artist Harry Hudson of Chester, Vermont and describes these early discoveries in Gaia Matrix in 1999. Peter’s first big download of this information occured in 1993 with a focus on North America which has since expanded world wide.
Of late he has been working on releasing the collective trauma centered around the New Madrid EarthRing a collective heart(math) action to heal the rift between N/S black/White, Native/white trauma clustered within this Integral Membrane Pluton (IMP) of transmitting and expanding this trauma into earthmind(aka, earthcell membrane).  Another IMP is the Black Hills of South Dakota. An ongoing drum beat for Peter is the trauma patterns emanating from the great pyramid. An article on that problem was published on my website. .  Peter was present at Mateo Tipila on World Peace and Prayer Day while on pilgramage to the Black Hills last June along the 104th longitude.  He has worked extensively with Chief Arvol and Paula Looking Horse to cleanse and clear trauma in the land and Native American people.
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  1. Mia, thanks for the podcast and introducing me to Peter’s work. I echo the earlier comment and interest in Cahokia Mounds.

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