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Elana Freeland researches and writes on Deep State issues like geoengineering, MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons.  This interview contains statements such as the assertion that a major California fire known as the Camp Fire was caused by a laser weapon. This statement is not supported by any witness testimony.

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  1. WoW !…too much to say about this except, Resonance! I have reading to catch up on..

  2. I have to say, this did not work for me. There are no “laptop boys” causing the west coast fires. It’s happening because of nine years of drought, some human error on the part of power companies and individuals, and an increasing amount of dry lightning. In other words, the problem is CLIMATE CHANGE, not right-wing conspiracy theories.

    Plus, the comment that Elana made about vaccines killing the soul, or words to that effect, was an example of the kind of blanket vaccine denial that is so dangerous, especially now. Be careful that a vaccine is safe, yes. Deny them totally, especially based on superstition, no.

    You have had some fine guests, Mia, very wise, good people. This was not such a guest. Also, I saw you as being more politically moderate or somewhat left. What are you doing interviewing a right-wing conspiracy theorist? Your every response to her dripped enthusiastic agreement.

    1. My rustic father said to me over 50 years ago “If you see hoof prints in the mud, best not to assume it is a unicorn until you’ve made sure it isn’t a horse!”. Elana seems to assume that any hoof prints are unicorns. Fires are created by microscopic computer nanobots? Where did you find this woman?

      1. I suggest you read the actual science. Vet her sources. Her books are massively footnoted and exhaustively scientifically explained. Or find another source that says the same thing. Your wording skews her work to make it sound bonkers. But I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that, like 90% of people, you haven’t researched the reality of geoengineering and its science – a science that has long been known and used in so many different mediums by so many people from the military to material scientists.

  3. Hello George,

    I have followed Elana’s work for ten years or more and have tremendous respect for her. You are correct in that I do have some conservative views, not many though, and in fact am about as idealistic as a person can be. What I work for is equality for all and that every person on this planet has what they need regarding food, housing, clothing, medical care and the opportunity for an education. Elana makes many valid and important points. Our society is being manipulated.

    I just returned to Vermont from South Dakota. The drive took four days and it impacted me in a deep way to see almost every person on the trip averting their eyes, afraid of the world. Children are growing up with this energy. What kind of adults will they become? Compliant perhaps?

    Vermont and South Dakota are both sparsely populated states. I lived in a town of 22 people in South Dakota. Life in both places has changed very little and for that I am extremely fortunate. The real facts of the virus are not being reported as is true for many aspects of our lives. Recognizing that fact is our first step towards real and lasting change.

  4. The search for the light takes us into many places and many corners. That is the way to go.

    Speaking of population, however, Vermont just experienced a 10% population increase, due to people moving there from the Northeast to seek refuge.

  5. Best practice on *any* health-related claims is to provide at least a few references to back these up. Analysis of vaccine data requires some familiarity with medical terminology, biostatistics, etc., but it can be done. The same is true with any claims about the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Too many people on this planet are getting sick from this virus as it is, and far too many are dying, that’s for sure; any references to support Elana’s claims about “the real facts of the virus” should also be listed here. Thank you.

    Anyone’s “conservative views” are not the problem; it is our *choices*, not our views, that really define us. (borrowing a quote from Professor Dumbledore.) That was 1st stated just over 2,000 years ago by a real historic person: “Whatsoever ye do unto the least of men, ye do unto me.”

    1. Following the teachings of that historic person is how I have chosen to live my life. I do come from a medical family and after finishing graduate school I worked at NYU Medical Center and began to take my pre-med requirements with plans to go to medical school for psychiatry. I interned in an emergency room at one of the Manhattan hospitals. This virus does kill certainly but the deaths are not being properly reported, in my opinion. All of the co-morbidity factors have not been property charted.

      We are in a time of profound change. Many people are choosing to leave. From a spiritual perspective, I do not believe our deaths are random.

      Regarding Vermont, I was born here in the 1950s and the population has not changed since then. Once people live through a harsh winter, no jobs and being scrutinized for being “flatlanders” they generally leave. It is a wonderful place but does have some issues.

      1. My brother-in-law died from covid in April in New Jersey during the first wave in NYC. He had asthma. But he did not die from the asthma. He died from the virus attacking weak lungs and killing the host. The death was correctly labeled covid related. Without the covid, he would have lived much longer with the asthma. The same goes for people with heart and other chronic conditions. The attempt to separate these people from the covid figures is purely a right wing Trumpism for political reasons. It is nonsense.

        1. My condolences for your loss DYLANSDAD.

          I stand by my comment, having nothing to do with Trump. Illness begins on the spiritual plane. Having been the victim of severe asthma for more than 20 years using up one inhaler of albuterol a week, I cured myself through meditation and have not used an inhaler in over ten years. I am in line now for valve replacement surgery, was born with a pronounced heart murmur and have other issues to deal with from it now that I am in my 60s.

          I drove from Vermont to South Dakota and back, organized my conference, and various other things from June till now, remaining stable and healthy while passing through 10 states in one direction and 11 on the return trip.

          Our spiritual state of mind is the most important factor in our well-being.

          From what I have read, many of your comments here seem snarky. We are all entitled to our own thoughts and opinion.

  6. I was introducd to Elana on Dark Journ a fews yrs ago, but this interview delved deep into what it means to be a spirit being. It uplifted me as I ponder the 4th quarter of my earthly journey. I considered the Waldorf Schools for my children yrs ago, but allowed naysayers to talk me out of it. “What if?” Anyway, I’m glad New Observations is part of the Unknown Country platform. Uplifting conversation!

  7. Question: In recent years, many conferences and meetings sponsored by small non-profit groups have started offering scholarships for low-income attendees, especially college students. Would that be a direction that your future “contact” conferences could go in?

  8. Hello Indy,

    To answer your question, our conferences have no more than 35 attendees and at least ten speakers. So far we have 14 speakers for next July.

    We are currently renovating the buildings in Wasta for our annual conference but primarily for our residency program for artists and writers. This is a huge expense, as you can imagine.

    Once all of the renovations have been done and we have been up and running for a while, we will consider giving out a grant or two for our conferences.

  9. Love your theory on the Jewish space lasers, give my regards to Ava Braun.

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