The "Dust Bowl" era was a devastating period of exceptional droughts and dust storms that had a profound effect on the ecology and agriculture of the U.S. and Canadian prairies in the 1930s. Some regions of the High Plains experienced drought conditions for up to eight years, and tens of thousands of families were forced to abandon their farms. Some people are now beginning to see a similar pattern beginning to emerge as a result of climate change, and these results could potentially be very long-lasting, ultimately reducing the population density in affected areas and increasing it in other, more climactically hospitable regions.
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For years, there has been an ongoing controversy about chemtrails. Are chemicals being sprayed into the upper atmosphere or not? Whatever you believe about what’s happening behind the scenes, a number of public figures are proposing that massive amounts of chemicals be released into the upper atmosphere in order to cool the planet down. According to Scienceinsider, for example, Bill Gates has been funding research into methods of altering the stratosphere to reflect more solar energy, using chemical aerosols to absorb carbon dioxide and spraying water upward from the oceans to make  over-ocean clouds a brighter white so that they will reflect sunlight back out into space more more