New Observations is delighted to present this discussion with four attendees from the conference on Consciousness and Contact from July 23rd through the 27th, 2020 in Wasta, South Dakota.  Due to the virus, several of our speakers were replaced at the last minute with other amazing presenters.  Highlights include Elana Freeland, Richard Fox, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Henry Red Cloud and Mike Clelland.  This discussion includes Mafe Izaguirre, Dennis O’Neil, Annie Wenger-Nabigon and Joe Krawczak.  Each participant provides a short description of their background as well as what brought them to Wasta for our conference.
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  1. Is there some way to listen to these podcasts on Castro like we can now with Dreamland?

  2. Wonderful! I envy the good fortune of the attendees this year, and I look forward to my opportunity to attend in 2021!

  3. Interesting show. I had considered going to the conference but hesitated. A couple decades ago, my partner camped alone and remotely on the grounds during Sundance and had a completely unnerving experience, one of many in that time of her life when her assumptions about mundane reality were shattered. She walked away from her teachers immediately afterward to gain back psychological stability.

    I am also curious about the astrologer mentioned that does relocation charts. Who is she? We close on the sale of our house next month and have yet to make any arrangements about where to travel next. It would be interesting to see what locations might be beneficial.

    1. Whatever our current state of being is determines our experiences. They are not random. I have emailed for the name of the astrologer who does relocation charts and will post the information when I receive it.

      1. Thank you. I arranged for a session with Moses. We close on our house sale 9/17 and have yet to make any travel arrangements!

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