Consciousness and Contact 2020 was a very special conference. This week, Mia Feroleto and 3 more participants discuss their often extraordinary experiences!

New Observations is delighted to present this discussion with three additional attendees. This discussion includes Siri Dana, Desiree Thielen, Michele Rinne and Mia Feroleto.  Each participant provides a short description of their background as well as what brought them to Wasta for our conference.  Truly one of the best New Observations podcasts to date!

The image is of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Sacred Pipe

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    1. Thank you for the link to such a wonderful film.
      The principle of the Golden Thread seems to me to be a Universal principle. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it worked with, in a different cultural context. Amazing & powerful.

  1. Thank you for this link Falsetruth.

    Very powerful film. We have wandered far away from our center and have recently begun the process of returning. Amazing time to be alive.

  2. I hold a profound respect for Mia Feroleto. This is the first time I’ve heard of her or heard her speak. I’m familiar with the types of challenges that can arise at gatherings such as this and at Sun Dances. Fasting & cooking for a large group can be pretty grueling work and the standards one is expected to uphold can be intense. At the same time, holding space for a higher frequency to effect people in a positive way is quite the honorable Dance in itself.

    In my humble opinion, our Great Mother Earth will be needing to experience Her own very powerful and sacred Kundalini awakening for the sake of Her own “reset”. It is up to us–mainly women, to know how to breathe & move our own energies while clearing our personal soul history as we continue evolving spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally through partnership & fellowship with our Elders of Nature & one another.

    Learning how to literally connect our own energies to earth & sky, allowing those frequencies to flow through us, is a key factor for becoming a “spiritual mid-wife” to our beautiful & ancient Earth Mama and all of creation. By learning to embody this ancient connection as we stand in beauty between earth & sky is our birthright & our responsibility as women who understand the mysteries of regeneration, birth, death and every stage of transition we have been through.

    The rattlesnake can be a benevolent guardian of Kundalini energies, heralding the opening of a new dimension of consciousness, when all life on our planet is consciously partnering with humanity to help move us through the birth canal. We can do this. Thank you to all the speakers in this interview. You are amazing, beautiful & Powerful women. Mahalo.

    1. Keeper, thank you for the gift of your comment. This is my favorite interview to date and it is because of this amazing group of women and all of the other people who showed up in Wasta and rolled up their sleeves on all levels. On the spiritual level and the mundane.

      The message I received is that love will clear away all of the misunderstood notions and divisions that keep up from understanding completely that we ARE each other’s keepers. And the keeper of the Earth.

      2020 has been and will continue to be the year of grounding of the new energy we have all been anticipating. I am grateful to experience it in my lifetime. We all are. As you write, we are responsible for nurturing it, grounding it, spreading it around to others and knowing that it has been the Divine Plan all along for humanity to claim their spiritual nature and express it each and every moment. It is available to all of us at this very moment but it is a choice. A leap of Faith is required and a little humility.

      My background is in the arts and I had a gallery for about year or so. I loved curating exhibitions but I am not much of a gallery sitter. However, the gallery was all about the earth and sky. Green + Blue Gallery. The logo is a watercolor I painted that was very simple and related to Vermont, where I was born. In fact, the image is the landscape of South Dakota. We used the gallery sign for the ground-breaking sculpture installation by Venezuelan artist Mafe Izaguirre done specifically for the conference..

      Spirit and industrial hemp brought me to South Dakota and I know I am home.

      Thank you for your contribution here. It is an honor to be seen by you.

      We can do this for sure. Together.


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