This week we return to Whitley Strieber’s astonishing Crop Circle Meditation Series, that uses crop circles in a whole new way. He delivers his sixth of nine meditations, and it is a wonderful companion to the interview with Wayne Dyer, because this meditation series is also about changing our thought patterns–in this case by using the very Yin-Yang symbol that is also at the heart of the Tao.

Whitley tells us, “I had no idea that this meditation would be about the same subject that Wayne is addressing. It’s an unexpected and wonderful synergy.”

Many of our subscribers have written about their experiences with these mediations, which have been profound indeed, even to the point of being life changing. Click on the image for a larger version of the pattern to use during the meditation.

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  1. Just magic a truly lovely
    Just magic a truly lovely lovely meditation I wept.You came to me last night with words of encouragement and kindness,at first I thought it was a being who comes who causes my body to vibrate(I think it is my light body)which is so strong that sometimes it is very uncomfortable but I saw no purple colour with it and the vibration was not so strong and then I heard you speak to me.Thank you for those words.

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