The two final meditations reprise the Yin and Yang meditation (6), but with a difference. They involve inducing the experience of being alive and dead at the same time. The objective is to enable access to the vast store of life knowledge that is locked in second body. The meditationread more

The first of the last three crop circle meditations. These three are not directly related to any particular crop formation, but are more general in intent. This meditation concerns working with the shadow side, the place of knowledge. Powerful expansion of second body beyond the limits of the more

This week we return to Whitley Strieber’s astonishing Crop Circle Meditation Series, that uses crop circles in a whole new way. He delivers his sixth of nine meditations, and it is a wonderful companion to the interview with Wayne Dyer, because this meditation series is also about changing our thought patterns–in this case by using the very Yin-Yang symbol that is also at the heart of the Tao.

Whitley tells us, "I had no idea that this meditation would be about the same subject that Wayne is addressing. It’s an unexpected and wonderful synergy."
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Whitley Strieber offers for our subscribers the fifth in his series of nine crop circle meditations. This one deals with side two of the second triad, the triad of the mind. Side one was understanding, side two is knowledge.

Listen as Whitley takes us down the road to a kind of inner knowledge that we seldom touch, and we use the power of one of the crop circles to help us go even deeper on our own.

Many people are having very profound experiences with these mediations. Whitley urges you to start with them from the beginning if you haven’t started more