Should artificial self-spreading vaccines that confer mass immunity be released. Or is that a good idea?

A group of scientists believe that it may be possible to use the self-spreading qualities of viruses to spread immunity instead of disease. If so, virus infections could be headed off before they even spread, without developing a new vaccine for each one.

It would work like this: say a new virus appears in pigs. They could be infected with the self-spreading ‘vaccine,’ which would then prevent the virus from spreading any further. This could be done in any animal where a new virus is first detected, including humans. This work has been going on for 20 years and is now being looked at by the US military.

Biologists James Bull and Scott Nuismer published an article in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.discussing their work to date.  However, there has as yet been little research into the consequences of releasing self-spreading vaccines into the wild That research needs to be carried out, and very, very carefully, before anything is released into any animal population.

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  1. This nonsense about COVID-19 killing 200k Americans has no validity. What has happened is that people who had co-morbidity or life-threatening health issues not related to the virus and died were deemed “dead from COVID-19”. A ploy to exaggerate the real numbers in which the CDC has now admitted only 6% of total deaths are attributable to the virus. But to the point of this latest news release; the medical establishment works under the assumption that the immune system is not up to the task of protecting the body from infection. The real culprit is the poisoning of the body by prescribed drugs that do nothing to cure a health issue yet put the body under stress, especially the liver, which tries to detoxify these substances after being swallowed. This compromises the body’s ability to fight opportunistic infections. And this is the excuse the medical establishment uses in formulating vaccines, not to mention the profit motive. RM

    1. I should have been keeping an account but I didn’t of all the lively healthy 90, 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98, and even 99 year olds who have been out partying with large groups of unprotected people and were contaminated by the Covid virus and died. The fact is that at least a quarter of the reported death in my area from Covid have been among people between the ages of 88-99. The rest is my sarcasm – obviously.

    2. “This nonsense about COVID-19 killing 200k Americans has no validity” and where do you get your info that you state with such confidence? What of all those trailers at NYC hospitals for the dead, funeral homes overwhelmed, reports from medical professionals all over the country??? What of the reported deaths in Europe, India, China and South America??? Oh, that’s right just like climate change all fake news amirite?

    3. Listening to the media back in March, you would’ve thought we’d be piling up bodybags at the curbside to be picked up by the garbage truck. Now without the internet and various other propaganda screens to “inform” us, what have your eyes and ears shown you about this “deadly pandemic”?

      Sure was a good idea to torpedo the economy over this, eh?

      1. So over 200,000 Americans didn’t die? That’s just another deep state lie? We have 4% of the world population and 20% of the deaths. No lie you can spout out can change that.

        1. The CDC updated their own website saying that 96% of those had other contributing factors. So who knows whether they really died from that or what. Look – there’s LOADS of info out there discrediting these official claims. You’ll believe what you wish I guess.

          All I’m saying that my first hand accounting of all this and speaking with the people in my life, I see nothing.

          1. Those contributing factors were just that: contributing factors, and not the cause. This statistic means that these people would be alive and (un)well if they hadn’t contracted COVID-19. If diabetes or obesity had done them in, they’d fall under a different column.

            If at all possible, could you provide me with links to this information that discredits the official numbers? Also, I’ve been looking for an explanation as to why any authority would seek to inflate body counts, when it’s in their better interests to understate the danger.

            Speaking with the people in my life, I know of at least two friends who have lost loved ones to COVID. Admittedly, the death toll is low in my country, but it’s still ten times more deadly than the flu.

          2. Yeah guys, I don’t engage in the “provide links” game. We’re all connected to the same internet. If I can find things with absolute ease, I know you can too. My basic point is that none of us have the ability to independently verify any of this, so I would strongly advise against making beliefs out of any reports from anywhere. Deception is all over, from all sides. Tread carefully!

          3. “Look – there’s LOADS of info out there discrediting these official claims” So Justin maybe that LOADS of info is crap reposted because it fits with other folks beliefs “because everybody knows” you can’t trust the science presented by the credentialed experts. Better to trust info from unknown sources because of why? Tread carefully!

          4. I ask for links from people with contrary beliefs because I regularly slam into the walls of my own echo chamber; because of this, I literally cannot recreate the google search of others, so I ask for information from their echo chambers.

            As an illustration, I ran a search using “info discrediting covid numbers” as keywords and received pages of articles debunking the claims of COVID deniers like Senator Joni Ernst, Judy Mikovits, and other anti-science movements; the total number of hits offering evidence of inflated numbers I received was zero.

            Simply dismissing information from the “other side” as lies without backing up such claims is convenient, lazy, and hard to take seriously. Please show your homework.

  2. I have never posted before, but I’ve been tempted. Now I’m going to. Richard645, I note that you NEVER EVER follow up with any actual proof of anything you say. Natha. So please post a link that shows that the CDC has “admitted that only 6% of the total deaths are attributable to the virus.” I cannot find that on their website or anywhere else.

    1. They did actually release that number. However, what it really means is that only 6% of the total deaths had NO OTHER comorbidities. All other deaths had underlying conditions. So, people are interpreting that wrong. It doesn’t change the amount of deaths – just refining the data collected.

      1. For whatever reason I can’t reply directly, but I’ll just say the “credentialed experts” have flip flopped on this from the beginning. Now I don’t believe or disbelieve, but given what I’ve been seeing and reading, I’ve decided to just listen, question, and ultimately fall back on the most reliable thing I’ve got – first person observation. Sadly, I’m afraid that’s all any of us really have in this environment.

        I know that folks here are seeing the same things, yet they decide to dig their heels in to what they choose to be their “truth”. This kind of thinking is everywhere now. It’s like the whole nation is being divided into two opposing cults! Personally, I won’t set foot on either side of that line.

  3. And as to this story: wow, how creepy! Leave it to UC to keep us informed!!

  4. I don’t know Matt, I just did some basic searching, and had no trouble. See, I know this game. Seen it played for years. Seen issues from the past where this cat and mouse was done and then those things became headlines later. It’s a worn out playbook.

    Been around here for quite a few years now. Never thought I’d see the day that readers would be told to listen to “debunkers” as opposed to thinking for themselves. Never thought I’d see the day that readers would be told to trust the infallible “official sources.”

    Looks like that day might be here.

    1. I agree that official sources are far from infallible, but I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to glean useful information from what they report. Contrary to the current fashion, I’m loath to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      A lot of the cutting edge stories we’ve run over the years would’ve fallen by the wayside if we ignored the MSM; the AATIP story, in particular, would probably not have seen the light of day if it weren’t for The New York Times’ Leslie Kean, Ralph Blumenthal and Helene Cooper–mainstream reporters working for one of the most mainstream publications in the U.S.

      As for the chicanery you’re accusing me of, this isn’t a game: as the story editor for this site, this is my research strategy.

      I’m not lying when I say Google’s algorithm won’t provide me with the information I’m looking for. I’m just asking for links that I don’t have immediate access to, to expand my own knowledge base past what the search engines allow. I didn’t ask Google to provide me with links debunking the contrarians, it’s what it wants me to see.

      (I just tried DuckDuckGo, VPN set to the U.S. rather than my home country, same result.)

      And yes, I don’t doubt that you had no trouble finding those links via a basic search: that’s the echo chamber effect in action, a well-documented phenomenon affecting search engines and social media; the algorithms assume you want information from a specific perspective, and they send me the exact opposite.

      Despite your insistence on painting me as an enemy, I have to assure you that I’m not. I’m simply asking for help in gaining new insights for not only the site, but also for myself.

      1. Fair enough, I’ll just say that I have seen the flip flopping from the officials from the beginning. I’ve seen the reports of how the PCR tests are being (deliberately?) misused to give excessive false positives. I have seen reports of how healthcare facilities have been offered thousands of dollars in compensation from the government for covid diagnoses and deaths. Couple that with the misused tests, and I see a recipe for corruption if true. So did some guy with kidney or hepatic failure REALLY die of covid after getting tested in this way? I don’t know. I have seen the reports of foreign officials being offered huge sums of money to engage in unnecessary lockdowns. I have seen reports of the Gates foundation being sued / booted out of many foreign countries due to sterilizations and deaths from his shots. I have seen reports of him stating in past talks that he can use vaccines to reduce world population. I have seen Dr. Birx’ LinkedIn page stating her as working for the Gates foundation. I have seen reports that Dr. Fauci and Gates were friends – even one claiming that they were roommates in their younger years. On a side note, when did a college dropout with no medical background suddenly become everyone’s doctor? I have seen the attacks – and subsequent retractions – regarding alternative treatments to this. I have seen the alarming censorship regarding all these topics.

        I have on my phone right now a recording from a president of a foreign country supposedly reading a PDF from 2015 that he claims was authored by the Gates Foundation and posted on the Rockefeller foundation website. This report details with complete accuracy the description of this virus, it’s origin, how it will be released and what the official reactions to it will be. It also claims to state what will happen next (If true, it’s not pretty). I hope it’s not, because we’re about to experience much worse if it is an accurate foretelling. Every attempt to post this anywhere results in immediate censorship and banning from what I hear… but I have it.

        Aside from the Birx / Gates LinkedIn connection which I saw personally (don’t know if it’s still there, but it was a few months back) can I independently verify any of this? Nope… Am I just going to dismiss it all as fake news? NOPE!

        But just one last thing I would ask anyone here who might be inclined to – because here is the million dollar question – if there is any chance that maybe, possibly, there just might be some truth to the argument that something ELSE is going on here; then please tell me what official “trusted” source I can go to and get their full confession?? Or does it not work that way.

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