We live in a world that tells us every day and in thousands of ways that we are just meat, that we don't have souls, that there is no afterlife and materialism is all that matters.

This is a mistake and it is hurting us terribly. Even those of us who want to believe that we are more than our bodies have trouble finding our way, because of the relentless propaganda that barrages us.

Dreamland is about empowerment. It is about truth telling and truth facing, and in that light we begin a two-week exploration of contact with the soul and the dead. This week, we concentrate on our own souls. We are going soul-blind. Unless we reconnect, we aren't going to ever reach our potential as individuals, let alone as a species.

Colleeen Mauro introduces us to ancient techniques of reconnecting with this most important part of ourselves. She tells us about techniques used across the ages, that have been forgotten in western materialist culture.
Colleen, with her book Spiritual Telepathy, has opened a very ancient and very new door into the process of reconnecting with ourselves.

Don't miss this important and profoundly empowering edition of Dreamland!
Explore Colleen's work at SpiritualTelepathy.net. Get Spiritual Telepathy! Click here.

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