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Brilliant and innovative researcher Laurence Galian returns with a stunning new vision of Aleister Crowley,
known in his time as “the most evil man in the world.” But was he really? Maybe that was just media hype and Crowley’s own attempt to draw interest to himself by creating sensation. And just maybe, behind it all, was a very different man,, a real magician, one of the most powerful and provocative ever known.

Listen as Whitley Strieber searches for the truth about Crowley with a man who is himself a master of his field, Laurence Galian.

In the second half of the show, they get into Laurence’s own UFO experiences. Prepare to be enlightened and shocked at the same time!

Toward the end of the show, there is an incredible moment involving a question asked by Anne Strieber. This amazing incident will shock and inspire you. It is a truly incredible example of the probability that the ones we call “the dead” are still very much with us. Anne Strieber always offered terrific questions during Dreamland. Well, as you will hear, she still does!

The image is of “Lan” a being Crowley encountered in 1918, surprisingly similar to a modern “gray,” as explained in the show.

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  1. Wondering where the main show
    Wondering where the main show download link is!? 🙂

    1. me too! I’m looking all over
      me too! I’m looking all over the place and can’t find the rest of the show!!!

  2. Crowley created some really
    Crowley created some really beautiful things. His “Holy Books of Thelema” are, if not divinely inspired, then truly magnificent works of art. “The Book of the Law” has some amazing similarities, in both content and method of composition to Whitley’s own “The Key.”

    Richard Kaczynski wrote an excellent biography of Crowly titled “Perdurabo” that should be checked out of the library by anyone wishing to grasp Crowley as a person. Lon Milo DuQuette has written a number of books that shed light on Crowley’s philosophy of Thelema and his system of ritual Magick that are very accessible to those who find Crowley’s own writings a bit of a slog.

    Personally, Crowley’s works have had, and continue to have, a profoundly positive effect on my life.

    1. Beautiful? His book is right
      Beautiful? His book is right from Hell. You can’t possibly be so spiritually blind.

  3. Greetings!
    I am unable to

    I am unable to find the Dreamland download link too.
    Thank you!

  4. Where is the main show link?
    Where is the main show link?

  5. What a great interview! Ah,
    What a great interview! Ah, true names- Mine was going to be Annabelle Lee [ Mama loved Poe] , however,” I “turned out to be twins, so I have another name now. I’ve always loved any name with Anne in it and now I understand why. I discovered Crowley in the early 1970’s when I read The Moonchild. What a story twist, what a Trickster he was. Also a great sense of humor, though quite dark. I had the Tarot Deck he designed for awhile, but was never able to really work with it. The Lady artist who painted the cards did a beautiful job. The images are haunting and somewhat surreal. Have you seen the deck, Whitley? If so, what do you think of it? I enjoyed Mr. Galian’s website and have listened to some of his transmissions. Lots of food for thought.

  6. I just checked Amazon for
    I just checked Amazon for copies of The Path- third party sellers want $45-$80 a copy!!!! Oh my.

  7. When I tried to download it
    When I tried to download it with the rss feed for subscribers stated in the Subscriber Home
    tab on my android it was the half program for non-subscribers. FYI

    I have noticed the Dreamland subscriber link for the mp3 download from the Dreamland tab sometimes is posted early and sometimes it is posted late.

  8. Please provide the location
    Please provide the location of the link for this show. I cannot find it either.

    Thank you

  9. The link for the subscriber
    The link for the subscriber download is still not up, but the player streams the full interview if you’re logged in.

  10. Yes, the download link is
    Yes, the download link is missing.

    Mark F.

  11. In life, our bodies cast
    In life, our bodies cast shadows. In death, our souls shine light outward into the world of the living.

    Looking up the etymology of shadow, it comes from sceadu, or shade. I wonder if, in a way, the shadows are cast by the light of the soul penetrating the veil.

  12. Thanks WJ, I did not know
    Thanks WJ, I did not know that. BTW, I entered my authentication login using the BeyondPod app on an Android device but was only able to download the non-subscriber’s version.
    I am thrilled that Whitley is revisiting “The Path” at such an appropriate time as this. Please Whitley, if anything keep doing this series as I hope it does not get interrupted. You sound so very “present” and powerful compared to the previous “Summer of The Path” series. Your previous “The Key” and the three “Encounters” series are absolutely outstanding and extremely helpful! Powerful.

  13. thanks for this episode… I
    thanks for this episode… I discovered Crowley in a roundabout way but a way that was like – being led, to one book at a time, in order, in a way that was so valuable and useful to me. I have never understood the hostility directed at him/his writings by others, and always found myself backing away from those who either embraced the “evil” or who were too hostile toward what they thought they knew… I found him to be a helpful teacher in life… and humorous… and while I was steeped in it, I often felt led and guided onto my own path, information dropping into my lap when I needed it and so on… I do feel that his work can be summed up so much in a quote from Book 4 – goes something like this (paraphrasing): The majority of people in this world are ataxic, they cannot coordinate their mental muscles to make a purposed movement… their lives are a set of whims and wishes and they are pulled back and forth through life, and in the end, they are torn limb from limb in their confusion, with the end result of their life meaning nothing (Shakespeare said something similar I believe 🙂 )… I never thought about the Sufi way per se, but was drawn to the concept that if you have a clear purpose (“True Will”) that you make all decisions in accordance with that and life is easy. My life was changed profoundly by delving into his works and still resonating (positively) in those changes today. About time someone saw more deeply into his work, thank you!

  14. Oh hey, there’s a download
    Oh hey, there’s a download link in the mobile site – where I am writing this now!
    And now I can post on my ipad, which I wasn’t able to do on the full-site. Now only if chat can work on mobile.

  15. No link to show for
    No link to show for subscribers. Don’t have an ipad.

  16. Wonderful discovery Sophett!
    Wonderful discovery Sophett! Thank you for sharing …I downloaded it and am transferring it to my other devices.

  17. How to get to
    How to get to Dreamland…

    First: Login as subscriber
    Click on ‘ Listen Now’ at the top of this page. You will be able to listen to Dreamland all the way through, with no commercial interruption.

    You’ll end up where you should, albeit with a different path…:-)

  18. No, that’s not the same. I
    No, that’s not the same. I want to d/l and listen later. Someone dropped the ball.

    1. You might have better luck
      You might have better luck getting the download problem fixed quicker by going directly to the email shown below as directed under ‘Subscriber Home’ click under ‘Need help?’ on ‘Downloading Files’.

      I think there is an assumption that Whitley and technical help are constantly reading and monitoring the comments, but they probably aren’t, and may not be aware of the problem. Just saying’…

  19. You can still go to the
    You can still go to the mobile site even if you are on a laptop computer. There you will find the Download MP3 link button.

  20. Yes, that’s how I downloaded
    Yes, that’s how I downloaded it on my laptop (going to the mobile site)

    1. Thanks for the link!
      Thanks for the link!

  21. How is it that you cannot
    How is it that you cannot lose energy (that you gain doing sensation meditation, etc.) when life can really wear you down? I mean, how does that work? I’ve always wondered about that.

    1. I suspect that Whitley will
      I suspect that Whitley will give us direction on that very topic. Life does seem to do its best to challenge and wear us down today – it seems we are surrounded by palpable evil and it takes work to not let it get the better of us…… These are difficult days indeed.

  22. Subscribers link please –
    Subscribers link please – thank you (RESOLVED)
    I listened to it on the regular streaming link – which for us subscribers, is the entire program. Thank you Whitley and Anne.
    Now as to the beginning of the course on the Tarot – Whitley, I have owned a copy of the Path lo these many years – that you signed for me – I must tell you – I was “told” to wait – that a time would come when both my life and the Path – crossed, and that you would be there to explain the journey. That time has come and I thank you. My life is at a challenging point – in good health, and a single woman – my brain is literally screaming at me that its time to change – that the time of my current 9-5 and its blind cynicism is no longer part of the path going forward. It is time for me to retire – but not retire – a time when I learn to fly, as I wrote in one of my songs. At 68 years in a few months – it is time for this baby bird to leave the nest, and take wing…… I read the Tarot for myself (I don’t often read for myself) and it confirmed this to me. Its NOT a gentle whisper – its mama bird, kicking me out of the nest and telling me to FLY! And so fly I shall. But understand this – I will leave the nest with confidence knowing that the time has come – that the reason you gave me the Path years ago, is now – and I thank you and Anne in every way a person possibly can. Peace and Love, Cindy

  23. The “evil” of Crowley was
    The “evil” of Crowley was self made. He branded himself the “most evil man in the world”. He embraced it. He promoted it.
    His “sin” was the same sin of Lucifer. He made himself the center. He was self absorbed, above the creator.
    Many do not know that he had a bevy of groupies hanging on his every word and more than his words.
    Barbara Bush’s mother was one of his herd.
    She was married into New York Society. She spent over nine months living with Crowley before returning to New York and delivering Barbara.
    One need only put a photo of Crowley next to Barbara’s.
    After listening to this interview, I learned nothing new about Crowley.
    Sorry self absorbed mentality is not illumination. I am not a fan of self professed evil.

  24. Thank you for another great
    Thank you for another great show! But also Whitley for the new revision of the path! Please can you continue this through to the key and meditations. I think your wealth of experience and wisdom can really help people with these easy to access tools, and without sounding too over the top, save some souls. has measurably improved my life and that of those around me. Joy to you and Anne indeed.

  25. I hope you like the word
    I hope you like the word “uh”. You’re going to hear it about a million times in this interview.

  26. I apologize for all the
    I apologize for all the confusion. The downloadable versions of the show weren’t uploaded to the site. Or rather, they were, but it did not complete for some reason. We’ve redone this and they are there now. You can always log in and listen to the stream as long as your device supports this.

  27. There is a great deal of
    There is a great deal of difference between pretending to be evil and being evil. Crowley was a joker when it came to the media. Obviously he was not very sophisticated when it came to understanding the impact of public image. His books reflect a deep study of ritual magic. They are not evil texts.

    Further, he was a good family man and although he did fool around, which is hardly uncommon, there has never been any evidence presented anywhere that Barbara Bush is his love child.

  28. Thank You, Ms. Anne.
    Thank You, Ms. Anne.

  29. Whitley I very rarely
    Whitley I very rarely disagree with you. I know you may have more insight into my allegations about Barbara.
    I reviewed my sources of information on Crowley and Pauline Pierce, Barbara’s mother.
    I have to stand by my findings. I know there were efforts on the internet to turn the story into a myth. The facts are there to be looked at. The only way to know for sure is with a DNA test.
    The similarity to Rosemary’s Baby is incredible. My research on Crowley does not make him.a good family man, sorry.

  30. Whitley. I am currently using
    Whitley. I am currently using my second deck of ‘THE RIDER TAROT DECK’ but will be receiving ‘Universal Tarot of Marseille (English and Spanish Edition)’ in a few days.

    The cards have been ordered from Amazon; I am anxious to get the feel of them in my hands…..It would be VERY cool if you would interview someone that has history/knowledge of these ancient cards.

    Tarot Cards…..

    “There are also those who believe that Tarot cards originated in Egypt. In some circles, they are thought to be the sole surviving “book” from the great fire that burned the libraries of ancient Egypt. In this theory, the cards are considered to be the hieroglyphical keys to life.”

  31. Enjoyed both the interview
    Enjoyed both the interview and The Path of Tarot reading. Luckily I have the book and did see it for sale at Amazon for $45 +. I could not find the Tarot of Marseilles cards. A new release of the book and the cards as a set may just sell really well. Ask Anne and others what they think. I have been a subscriber for many years and think I got The Path as a bonus one year. It is a great b

  32. I enjoyed both the interview
    I enjoyed both the interview and The Path of Tarot. I do have the book. Great book and saw it on Amazon for $45 +. New release is a good idea.

  33. Wow, as you know Whitley, I
    Wow, as you know Whitley, I was supposed to be interviewed by Anne back in 2010, I’ve been involved with your site since the Communion Foundation, well anyways, I was having a lot of visitations from orbs and lights and I was publishing the videos I took on my camcorder on youtube and then the freak fire happened next door that destroyed my house, and I canceled the interview since I was having terrible anxiety. I feel very touched by this episode, since you know my name is Joseph Anthony. I have also been a student of Aleister Crowley’s works (Crowley rhymes with holy).

  34. this show about crowley gave
    this show about crowley gave me goosebumps. a must listen…

  35. Whitley, there are some used
    Whitley, there are some used copies of your book on the tarot floating around. Using, I found one (on for just 75¢ plus postage. Most of the others were in the $40-$50 range.

  36. I haven’t listened to this
    I haven’t listened to this particular show yet. Wondering who was the Dreamland guest who expressed their distaste for the type of ceremonial magic Crowley was known for.

  37. To understand Thelema, one
    To understand Thelema, one must first be acquainted with Francois Rabelais.

    My personal opinion on Aleister Crowley is that he was, in fact, a serious poet and magician. But, he was also a propaganda artist, focused on exploiting the events and the culture of his time, through his public persona.

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