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This is bar none one of the best UFO shows ever to appear on Dreamland or anywhere. Larry Holcombe’s the Presidents and UFOs has already been optioned for the movies by Sony Pictures, and for good reasons: it is a startlingly insightful, brilliantly researched journey through the secret history of the presidential struggle with the UFO phenomenon.

Larry opens up as never before in this exciting interview. Learn what Richard Nixon actually knew. Did he take entertainer Jackie Gleason to see UFOs on a military base in Florida, as Gleason claimed? Did Dwight Eisenhower come face-to-face with aliens? And what does Barack Obama know, given that he refused to allow the release of UFO information despite a plea from presidential adviser John Podesta? And what of George H.W. Bush’s recent tacit admission that there is a coverup when he said “the public isn’t ready” to hear UFO truth?

Exciting, dynamic: Dreamland at the top of the game!

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  1. Thanks, Whitley. Looking
    Thanks, Whitley. Looking forward to listening to this in bed tonight.

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

  2. This is one of the most
    This is one of the most intriguing shows yet. One can only wonder what would be in store for humanity if the Secret was ever officially revealed. (A new world if you can take it?).

  3. Whitley and Larry Holcombe,
    Whitley and Larry Holcombe, thank you for this well researched interview……When Larry talked about James Smith McDonnell, I wanted to post a few things. “Mr. Mac” was an amazing man who must have surely had an agenda before his birth…..
    A few things I copied over that felt important……

    And he had an insatiable, searching curiosity that enveloped everything about human existence from genetics and evolution through the interrelationship of the mind and brain, from the complexity and interconnectedness of everything on our spaceship Earth (his term) through the vastness of the cosmos, encompassing the fundamental philosophical questions of science and human existence.

    At Princeton Mr. Mac majored in Physics; there was no aeronautical engineering department. New horizons opened up for him when he was introduced to the “Life History of Stars” in an astronomy course taught by Henry Norris Russell. In a philosophy course he wrote a major paper about an experiment conducted the previous summer by a British team led by Sir Arthur Eddington to measure the deflection of starlight by the Sun during a solar eclipse, which was the first experimental confirmation of Einstein’s “General Theory of Relativity.”

    Also, at the end of his sophomore year he wrote a 32 page manuscript to himself about the mysteries of human existence.

    While living in Chicago and working for Western Electric during the summer after his sophomore year, he spent every spare moment in the library reading the works of William James and Frederic W.H. Myers’ book, Human Personality and It’s Survival of Bodily Death. He became convinced that all mental and physical activity, including the so-called paranormal phenomena, had their basis in the performance of the underlying neuronal systems.

    In any case on the second try, after the cadet on the other wing had successfully let loose, Mr. Mac let go and found “… such quiet, and mental isolation as never experienced on Earth — ecstasy.”

    He could hardly contain his excitement when McDonnell Aircraft won the contract to design and build the first U.S. manned spacecraft, Mercury, in 1959. He loved interacting with the astronauts and attending the launches.

    May serendipity be yours in the years to come as Man steps on the Earth as a footstool, and reaches to the Moon, the planets, and the stars.”

    it is only during the past few decades that Man has achieved the science and technology whereby he can either ruin himself and all life on Earth, or he can consciously and responsibly try to help lead all life on Earth further along the path of creative evolution.”

    to paraphrase his words, “will lift you out of your small self and enable you to serve the creative evolution of life on earth as a whole.”

    (((“Universal Creative Spirit – We thank you for the gift of conscious life on Earth with the opportunity to explore, create, develop, and grow in spirit and the opportunity to nurture all living things and take charge of the creative evolution of same. Hallelujah!)))

  4. Really great show
    Really great show (Presidents/UFOs) and continuation of The Path of the Tarot..

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