Mitch Horowitz joins Whitley for an absolutely great discussion about things like Mitch’s near encounter with an “alux” in the jungles of Belize (similar to what Alan Lamers encountered on Sulaweisi) to receiving an electric discharge from a vividly painted bas-relief of a bull in a forbidden chamber beneath the Valley of the Kings–and yes, there’s more! Join Whitley and Mitch for a wild and wonderful discussion that ranges from the rise of Wicca to the mystery of Shrodinger’s Cat and, along the way, a whole lot about what it means to be truly human, truly alive and eager for more! Ends with one of those magnificent Anne Strieber quotes!

You’re going to love this puppy!

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  1. Twelve ages according to Biblical Prophecy:
    The Age of the Bull (Taurus) preceded Aries the Ram which symbolically started when Abraham scarified a Ram instead of his only son. Ages are in reverse of sun signs because they represent loss of momentum over time. The golden calf was an abomination to moses because the age had changed from Taurus to Aries. The symbol of the Fish and age of Pisces becan with the resurrection of the Lamb of God. When Yeshua prepared for the last supper, he sent Peter and John (symbolically the two fish) stating when they enter into the city they will see a man bearing a pitcher of water (woman’s work, therefore an uncommon sight) and follow him into the House where he enters (When you come to the House of Aquarius, then prepare for the Passover feast).

    For many other details see:

  2. It would be nice to have a physicist invited to this show at some point, to have an explanation of what can actually be done in the framework of quantum physics.

    The explanation about Schrödinger’s cat in today’s show was accurate enough, as far as I understand. But the application to “interdimensionality” is highly dubious.
    One problem is that the world in which the cat is dead cannot communicate with the world in which it is still alive. That’s why Everett’s many worlds interpretation is just that – an interpretation. It makes the same experimental predictions as other presentations of quantum physics. By the same token, according to the rules of quantum mechanics, if there is such a thing as a world with “visitors” inside, it cannot possibly communicate with our human world.

    1. The big illusion I see is the idea of a “Sentient Observer” of a quantum level particle (such as a photon). There is no such organism. We only know a statistical conglomerate of what our cells perceive or what a machine indicates. In real quantum mechanics the paradox is that a moving sub-atomic particle must be hit with something to know where it is, but this changes its directional vector and so you will never know where it goes. The problem with the particle or wave paradox is that it is neither, both of those terms come from macroscopic reality. Some new research states it is always both, which is perhaps closer,

      Philosophically going to the multi-worlds thought experiment is not a theory because there is no supporting evidence, it is basically a made up fantasy to think about.

      I might interject as an example that thoughts are a different dimension, not the flashes in our brains, but the world of informational structures which are thoughts. A dimension is an informational set which possesses logical rules and relational integrity.

      Living Extraterrestrials with very advance Psi must live in a world which, from our created philosophically materialistic view, contains a vast number of dimensions which we do not know about. Additionally advance technology may employ aspects of physics, such as the plank level sea of vast ‘vacuum energy’, allowing all kinds of blinking in and out of our assumed reality. Meeting ET with an ego that states we know what reality is seems absurd, as humanity has only a vague clue at this primitive point in our evolution.

  3. On this Monday before Thanksgiving, I want to express my thanks/gratitude to you Mitch Horowitz and all of the guests Whitley has interviewed. Here is a quote that I believe is so VERY true but as a species we have not come to totally understand. We still have a long way to go spiritually.

    Edgar Cayce

    “Rather than the stars ruling life, life should rule the stars – for humanity was created a little bit higher than all the rest of the whole universe, and is capable of harnessing, directing, enforcing, the laws of the universe.”

    ECRL 5-2

    We must ALWAYS be careful of our thoughts, words and deeds.

  4. I love you and all the fascinating guests you bring on the show.
    But could you please stop promoting the COVID crime narrative! No big deal, you will loose me as a recurring subscriber otherwise.
    Thank you

  5. I have a question that’s not on topic exactly but never off topic here, ever. Where can I find the exact quote from Anne about us not being wise enough to find answers but instead needing to ask good questions? Thanks in advance. I know I’ve heard it often but want to include it in an email I’m writing and need to get it right. It’s too important to paraphrase.

    1. Author

      Anne used to say that often in life. I don’t think that it’s recorded anywhere in precisely the form she used, which was, “The human species is too young to have beliefs. What we need are good questions.” When we were working on Afterlife Revolution together after she passed, I heard her say, “The first thing you realize when you leave life is that all of our beliefs are immature. We don’t know enough to have beliefs.” This appears in Chapter 12.

  6. Thank you Whitley. I know we don’t know each other outside of comments and Zoom meetings. Despite that I’m going to be very forward by saying I am so grateful for and to you, and I absolutely know I’m not alone.
    Many of us have found a sense of belonging and hope here at unknown country and I, for one, am eternally grateful for the role you and Anne have played in my life. I don’t think we (humankind) speak from our hearts often enough so here it is 🤍 and thank you.

  7. Whitley, PLEASE, if you haven’t already, read Susan Brind Morrow’s excellent and enlightening translation and interpretation of the Pyramid Texts in her book “The Dawning Moon of the Mind.” She opened my eyes to the likely true message of that text, which is the kundalini energy awakening and finding its way back up to the lap of Isis. You are already aware of that interpretation, I see, but if you haven’t read her particular book, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    1. Author

      I have read it many times. She revolutionized my own understanding. It is a brilliant book, by far the best thing on hieroglyphics written in modern times.

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