There has been a huge cottage industry built up around Nazi occultism, but what was really going on? Did they believe in occult practices and magic, or just use them as tools to inspire people to do, in the end, some of the most terrible things ever done to human beings by other human beings? Listen to this insightful, intelligent and even-handed approach and reflect on how belief in things that are not true can inspire people to shed the blood of others. Explore the relationship between Theosophy and Nazism, the truth about the Spear of Destiny as admitted by Trevor Ravenscroft, Nazi UFOs, their Antarctic bases and much, much more.

Only on Dreamland. Nobody but nobody covers things like this, especially not in Whitley’s very special, open-minded and rational way!

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  1. A fascinating discussion and a treat to listen to two brilliant minds on the topic.

    I was disappointed that there was not more discussion about the magical elements that the title of the book references, or mention of the Vril society.

    I have enjoyed podcasts featuring Dr. Flowers before and understand that he is a high-ranking member of Temple Of Set – this was not referenced in the interview and I am wondering why?

    1. Author

      He did not tell me about his affiliation with the temple of Set and it’s not in his book that I saw. I wish I had been aware of it.

      1. That explains the lack of questions relating to magick – they are after all essentially a magickal order (according to their better-known ambassadors from what my research has gleaned).

        There was a famous working they did involving a Nazi castle that I was hoping would be discussed in the show.

  2. Speaking of the Vril society, there is this claim that founding member Maria Orsic managed to build a flying saucer. Is there some factual basis for this, or is it pure fantasy?

    1. Author

      I have tried for years to track this down. There were certainly some unusual craft built I feel which I have not surfaced publicly. If you find any good research, let me know and maybe we can dig into it on Dreamland.

  3. When you write a book a course in History is imperative.
    The WW I, was brought about seething inequities caused by The Congress of Berlin of 1878.
    Hitler’s rise to power was fueled monetarily by industrialist s from the US. Also the entire German population including the Army got in on the ground floor of meth addiction.

  4. Refreshing program on the subject. If we weren’t such sheep ideologies wouldn’t be so damaging, think for yourself. I particularly liked the point about Himmler’s fanaticism and how that drove lots of the Nazi mystic. Maybe some day soon we can harness the process of common thought and the power of communication for the good, instead of destruction and conquest.

  5. What interests me more than the linguistic origin of the word Nazi, is who started using it first, axis or allies or German leftists?

  6. “People believe things because they run contrary to the thoughts of people they hate” is a great truth. Would be good on a bumper sticker or T-shirt.

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