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The show starts out with a segment recorded yesterday and it is wild! Whitley interviews close encounter
witness “Daniel” who claims that he is having multiple-witness experiences right now, and has numerous photos and videos to back up his claim. This includes a remarkable description of a close encounter that happened just a few days ago and it is one stunner of a story!

On the left is a disk image taken by Daniel in the last few days. On the right is a similar one taken in British Columbia 10 years ago.

His report to the National UFO Reporting Center can be read here.

Then legendary cryptozoologist Loren Coleman joins us for what turns out to be a completely astonishing and fascinating show. Get ready to talk about thunderbirds (and the one Whitley saw), huge bat-like creatures (including, you guessed it, one Whitley saw), headless cryptids, cryptic dinosaurs crossing roads, the cryptid Loren saw and strange deaths in cryptozoology, including those surrounding the film the Mothman Prophecies.

In other words, sit out on the back porch if you have one, preferably on one of these long summer evenings, and expect to have a great time with two of the greatest anomalists in the world, both legends in their own rights!

Loren’s personal website is He blogs at

You can find out more about the upcoming (September 1 and 2) cryptozoology conference at the International Cryptozoology Museum at

You can order Mothman: Evil Incarnate by clicking here.


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    I don’t know about anyone else but I am having the greatest difficulty in logging into Unknowncountry at the moment. On my mobile device, I keep getting the following message…


    …it seems to be cycling around, attempting to try three or so different site address variants. If I switch my browser to use ‘Desktop site’ it does the same thing but after a couple of refreshes of the browser, it seems to let me in.

    1. If I hit the refresh button
      If I hit the refresh button on my iPad I can go to actual website instead of mobile and I can listen, but it keeps cutting out after 10 minutes. This has bee a real bummer

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    A recent email to saying the above was also bounced back with a ‘Recipient address rejected: User unknown’ message.

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    I think this because of what is done and how it is done. I also don’t think that there is any official locomotion behind it. It is done by people within the system who are motivated by religious convictions. I could be wrong, but I do have reason to think this.

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  5. Just listened to the
    Just listened to the interview with the ‘Cape Cod dude’. Though compelling, I feel the guy’s personality and inability to stay with one topic very long detracts from his credibility, though perhaps he is telling it straight. I found his story of the ‘old fisherman’ who face-shifted most interesting and suggestive of the Master of the Key. I’ll be on Cape Cod in a few weeks for vacation myself and will make a point of going to the beaches at night to see if anything unusual manifests. If large numbers of people on the Cape did indeed have this mass sighting, it should show up with some research.

    1. I couldn’t agree more….well
      I couldn’t agree more….well stated.

  6. All of the mobile site issues
    All of the mobile site issues should now be cleared.

  7. Regarding the first UFO
    Regarding the first UFO sighting that ‘Daniel’ recounted, after putting my not particularly well fitting armchair investigator hat on, I noted the following…

    -Stuggling to find any evidence of power outage in town mentioned in NUFORC website on 11-Jun-18.

    -Initially object heading to Forest Beach was described in report as a ‘bright red light’…then later in the report description of initial sighting changed to a ‘red saucer’.

    -Report suggests 12-20 objects observed, which then changes to 15-22…audio interview suggests 12-25…not really significant.

    -Audio interview suggests ‘Daniel’ and wife ‘ran’ down to the beach, as they live right next to it…report suggests they drove.

    -Audio interview suggests red object flew East to Forest Beach…but the town mentioned in the report is East of Forest Beach, so if it moved from that town to Forest Beach, it must have been travelling West.

    -No other corroborating reports on the NUFORC website for that date.

    -An addendum comment from witness suggests that he and Mr. Davenport (NUFORC Director) did not ‘hit it off’…I wonder why? Also there is a sugestion that Mr. Davenport will be contacting the Cape Cod Chronicle about the case…although I failed to find any reference to the case after a quick search on their website and Facebook page (that’s not to say it isn’t available after a more detailed search). 

    -The same addendum contains the following extract…’I am not looking for publicity I’m a very private person I want to remain that way please do not use my name’…the ‘please do not use my name’ comment seems to be consistent with the potential use of a pseudonym on Unknowncountry…however, the ‘not looking for publicity’ bit and ‘I’m a very private person’ doesn’t really sit well with excitedly describing the case in front of a huge Dreamland audience.

    -Dispite the NUFORC Director and the witness communicating about this sighting, there is nothing on their website to suggest the report was ‘highlighted’ in any way.

    -There are houses right on the beach front at Forest Beach…I would be interested to know if any of the residents saw something similar.

  8. According to the official
    According to the official report, the original sighting occurred in June. If there have been continued sightings, I would be surprised if there haven’t been more reports. Videos and pictures provided by the eyewitnesses can validate the sightings.

  9. As usual, Whitely did a great
    As usual, Whitely did a great job of interviewing, keeping the very enthusiastic guest focused and on track as much as possible. Loved the Loren Coleman interview, fascinating stuff. Great show!

  10. Daniel’s story of the
    Daniel’s story of the fisherman, reminded me of the book ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’…

    …and talking about movies in the last show, reminds me that pretty much every movie I get to see these days contains the hero’s journey on some level; Almost as if the writers have realised they won’t get the movie made without it prominently featured in the storyline.

    The Hero’s Journey monomyth…



    (In reference to southeastern Mississippian cultural mythology) “Both the Above or Celestial World and the watery Below or Beneath Worlds are equally essential sources of sacred power. For example, abominable and anomalous below world creatures, known variously as Uktenas, Piasa, Underwater Panthers, Horned Underwater Serpents, and the great Serpent, were dangerous but useful sources of sacred objects, aid, and knowledge.”——–2007, David H, Dye, “Ritual, Medicine, And The War Trophy Iconographic Theme In The Mississippian Southeast,” Ancient Objects And Sacred Realms, Interpretations Of Mississippian Iconography, p. 156.

    “The “pizha” or “pissi” is better translated “panther” than as an alien “tiger,” but neither word catches the real meaning of the creature. It had the body of a panther and four legs, but there was more, including a human head (sometimes), an impossibly long tail, and horns.”——2007, George E. Lankford, “The Great Serpent In Eastern North America,” Ancient Objects And Sacred Realms, Interpretations Of Mississippian Iconography, p. 111.

  12. It is my understanding that
    It is my understanding that fluoride is safe in low doses. High doses become toxic, like most chemicals. All I know is that my children took fluoride tablets and now have perfect teeth, and no health problems. My daughters ” third eye” is not blocked. My grandkids on the other hand, have not had fluoride and their teeth are atrocious. Once again belief beats fact.

    1. Gotta agree with you, Patty!
      Gotta agree with you, Patty!

  13. Loren Coleman is a class act,
    Loren Coleman is a class act, and this was a great interview. I was entertained by “Daniel,” whose report of the face-shifting alien seemed reminiscent of the creatures seen by Ezekiel and and the writer of Revelation. His account of the setting of A=440 for musicians doesn’t really hold up, though. It has more to do with the needs of the recording industry in the early 20th Century than acceding to the plots of Goebbels or Project Paperclip. (On the other hand, A=432 may well be more pleasing to the ear and easier to sing.)

  14. The book mentioned by
    The book mentioned by Whitley, In Hitler’s House – I’ve read the first chapter and I’m hooked. Amazing. Whitley’s book, New – I love this little book, its characters and it’s heart and innocence. Come to think of it, quite the contrast between these books!

    1. I am hoping that Hitler’s
      I am hoping that Hitler’s House comes out as an audio book.
      Will New come out as an audiobook soon too?

  15. something about this

    something about this witness.. he knows to much he front loads Whitley…

    Dig this and sez about career military which Ws had the same experience…

    I am a long time musicans and career military dependent with many experiences…

    I think this guy is not to credible…..

    1. You are not speaking with
      You are not speaking with James Day’s voice…Who are you?

  16. I love listening to Loren
    I love listening to Loren Coleman. I’ve seen animals that were in places they shouldn’t be too, and like Loren, just didn’t talk about it after the first mention.
    One person came right out and told me I was crazy, and the rest just looked at me strangely, but years ago I too saw a black panther crossing the road in front of me. I know it wasn’t an ordinary cat, because from tail tip to nose it was longer than one lane of the two-lane road was wide.
    There used to be cougars in the swamps around here (southeastern NC), and there were supposedly some mutations (black or spotted), but even ordinary cougars are supposed to be extinct here.

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