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Steve Neill is a lifelong experiencer who returns to Dreamland to report a series of powerful encounters that have been happening over the past few months. During one of them, he was on the phone having a conversation with Whitley Strieber and another witness was present as he narrated what was being seen. And this is only one of many.

He has come away with a strong sense of why the experience is happening, and what it has to do with what we call the dead. 

This is powerful, unusual stuff, and unfolding right now. Because the material is so extraordinary and it is not currently possible to subscribe to
the site, we are running the full show for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

Steve Neill’s website is Steve Neill’s Garage

He has created a pilot for a proposed series called But Something is There. You can watch the trailer by clicking here.

His book, covering his life experiences is But Something is There


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  7. Steve Neill always brings
    Steve Neill always brings fascinating stories to the table. Many of his types of experiences I have also had. In particular, the one that he mentioned about LED-type lights showing up made me sit up and pay notice, because I had that experience a couple of months ago. My partner happened to be out of town that night, so it was just me and the pets in the house. I don’t sleep well with a lot of light or noise in the room, so the shutters were shut tight on the windows, which are behind the headboard of the bed. I went to sleep as usual, but a few hours later and deep into the night, I began hearing a roaring sound that woke me up. Thinking maybe it was something like a train (we have tracks about a mile away) or maybe a large truck, I grabbed another pillow and covered my head, hoping to drown out the sound. After a few moments, and no change in the level of the noise, I took the pillow off of my head and opened my eyes. There on the ceiling was what appeared to be a light darting about, and appearing very much like one from an LED light. Looking around the room, I realized it was very dark except for that light, and the shutters were tightly closed. I could not figure out the source for the light, and turned on the lamp beside my bed. I got up and checked around the house, but all seemed normal, and the pets were both asleep. I went back to bed, and eventually drifted back to sleep.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing
      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I know the lights well and when there’s no one else in the house and the shades are closed they are difficult to explain. That’s the nature of this experience.

      1. I have been seeing orbs for
        I have been seeing orbs for years, but this one looked and felt totally different. The orbs that I’ve seen, including a rather large one that appeared in my kitchen one night as I watched TV, always have a gentle, friendly energy about them. This one felt artificial or manufactured, and while I feel that orbs observe me as I observe them, I felt like I was actually being ‘watched’ by this light. It was one of the very rare times that I have had a strange experience where I felt uncomfortable with it.

  8. I believe I know the planet
    I believe I know the planet Steve was talking about from a lucid dream I had in my early 20s (a time of frequent paranormal phenomena in my life). I remember the colors of the strange vegetation being very vivid and that the buildings were low and rounded (almost disc shaped) and seemed to be part of the natural environment. Later in the dream I was listening to a normal stereo system but the music coming out of the speakers was the most heavenly I have ever heard. I wish I had been able to write it down or play it on my saxophone upon my body awakening. These are amazing and transformative times we live in.

    1. I have been told by many
      I have been told by many people about this world and they all describe the same place. Thank you for adding to the data base. It’s a wonderful place I’d like to spend more time in.

  9. I came away from this show
    I came away from this show with a feeling of connectedness. The ‘monkeys coming in through the window’ comment sounded so very familiar.

    I remember being around 3 or 4, growing up in Wales and each evening when I was in bed the air would fill with the sound of sirens. Somehow, even at that age, I knew that the sirens were for the firemen.

    There are faint memories of willowy monkeys gliding in through the window. Their movement/motion reminds me of mist drifting across a still moor, slow and graceful. Try explaining that to someone!


    1. I’m so glad to hear it
      I’m so glad to hear it brought you connectedness and peace.

  10. Whitley and Steve Neill. Such
    Whitley and Steve Neill. Such a good interview and it was nice to learn more about Steve Neill. By the way, I do have the COMMUNION T-SHIRT.

    I too think our life here on this planet is about the evolution of consciousness. In my opinion, we take many sojourns to other spheres of consciousness in-between the lifetimes here on earth to learn more about ourselves/souls. THEN because of free will we are allowed to run with this new knowledge/awareness and to apply what we THINK we have learned to our reincarnated emotional bodies on Earth. Years ago when I first read what Edgar Cayce had to say about our sojourns in-between lives here on earth it just felt right. At least for me.

    I also believe visuals of other places and other times can help us to remember events if only on a subconscious level; sometimes the memories can be expressed in our dreams. Steve you have given us many visuals that may or may not awaken memories for those viewing your work. THANK YOU FOR THIS.
    “In a fascinating view of soul life, the Edgar Cayce readings explain how the three-dimensional planets we see from Earth are actually fourth- and fifth-dimensional realms that act like soul colleges of specific study in the university of our solar system! Cayce describes our soul’s activities beyond Earth as lifetimes of sojourning in higher dimensions among the planets and stars and goes on to explain how these journeys affect our present life on Earth.”

    “The book includes remarkable views into soul life, as Cayce describes the past-life incarnations and in-between-life planetary sojourns for two highly enlightened souls. This content is mind-expanding and soul-lifting. It gives us a view into a life much larger and more meaningful than a single Earth life–and yet, it gives so much importance to our current life and its benefit to our ultimate soul life.”

  11. On the weirdness of time,
    On the weirdness of time, About 6 years ago, I bought a necklace that was made from old watch parts. Over a couple of days, I noticed that everything around me seemed to accelerate. I began to be late for everything. I hate being late as I find it stressful and rude. I felt like everything was rushing around me and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep up. Then I was 20 minutes late for a dental appt. which was very upsetting to me as I should have arrived with plenty time. That night I realized this had all started with the purchase of the necklace and that I had not taken it off since purchasing. I quickly removed it and the next morning time had returned to a normal pace. How’s that for some weirdness. I am back to being 10 minutes early.

  12. The streamer was removed from

    The streamer was removed from our audio server a second time. We have once again replaced it. When we have abduction-related shows, this is going to keep happening, unfortunately.

    We tell the truth here and try to help people become free. That is hated by a whole lot of people, ranging from trolls working at the companies to official sources.

  13. Very interesting discussion!
    Very interesting discussion! Dreaming and experiencing another reality in dreams is something that has also been an experience in my life. There are places I’ve returned to time and time again.

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